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May contain: Character Headdresses: White Bear Earrings Character Suits: Sweet Lolita Clothes Character accessories to be worn on the back: Angel Backpack The above items have permanent versions or Limited Versions. Legendary Enchantment Lv 3, Legendary Enchantment Lv 4 Sprite Item Lock, High Energy Protein Snack, Broadcasting Little Confusion Mark Set, Soul Summoning Orb, Blacksmith's Repair Mallet Craftsman's Sapphire Chisel, Gaia's Blessing Lv 4 Sprite Enchantment Lv 3, Sprite Enchantment Lv 4 Enchantment Lv 3,Enchantment Lv4 Sprite Donut, Sprite Lollipop and all types of portals

"Let's have some fun!"