May contain: Costume Weapon: Winged Birdcage Staff, Pink Lacy Parasol Costume Weapon: Broken Sword: Lovelorn Rose, True Love's Key Costume Suit: Noble Gentleman Wedding Suit, Noble Lady Wedding Dress The above items come in green/blue prefix permanent, permanent, or limited-time versions Craftsman's Sapphire Chisel, Greater Blacksmith's Repair Mallet Gaia's Blessing Lvl 3, Experience Charm Lucky Charm, Soul Summoning Orb Resonance Stone Remover, Sprite Emblem Removal Device High Energy Protein Snack, Sprite Item Lock Sprite's Energy Pill, Sprite's Nutrient Pill Sprite's Speed Pill, Sprite's Efficiency Pill Sprite's Strength Pill

"May the wings of happiness beat for all eternity."

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