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May contain: Costume Suit: Elegant Boy's Uniform, Elegant Girl's Uniform, Classic Festival Costume, Blissful Cheongsam Classic Kimono, Colorful Kimono, Bamboo Master Clothing, Gold-lined Blue Cheongsam Summer Night Cool Bath Robe, Summer Night Flower Bath Robe, Aeria's Glorious General, Purple Proud General Sunshine Boy Holiday Outfit, Innocent Lolita Outfit, Darling Casual T-Shirt, Honey Casual T-Shirt Warm Down Jacket, Cozy Down Jacket, Firetooth Frenzy Set, Haunted Hell Set Joyful American Men's Costume, Sexy American Women's Costume, Machismo Suit, Sexy Black Tights Set Sunny Flower Suit, Romantic Flower Dress, Rapid Legend Rider Suit, Sexy Racing Queen Suit Homerun King, Cheer Squad, Scary Skull Set, Sweet Magic Dress Peach Kimono, Spring Kimono, Blue Sky Navy Uniform, Dreamy White Navy Uniform Fancy Baron Outfit, Rock Girl Party Outfit, Studious Boy Scout Uniform, Model Girl Scout Uniform Boy's Casual Clothing, Outfit for Cool Girlk Sprite Costume Outfit: Magic Fox Headdress, Princess Crown, Meow-Meow Hat, Honeybee Costume Pink Baby Outfit, Pirate Captain Coat, Thick Black Sprite Glasses, Magic Fox Apron Sprite Chef's Hat, Cute Sister Wig, Sprite's Pink Antlers Tall Hat, Sailor's Shirt Superhero Costume Costume Back Accessory: Blue Dragon Wings, Red Comet's Wings, Adorable Baby Backpack, Huggy Bear Energetic Black Bookbag, Pink Diamond Wings, Purple Jade Wings, Shining Gold Wings Fine Official Plate, Clearwater Butterfly Wings, Evil Devil Wings, Flaming Wings Baby Koala, Q-Angel Backpack, Holy Cross Back Accessory, Fallen Seraphim Wings Costume Headdress: Blood-Stained Helmet, Starlight Witch Hat, Autumn Feather Hat, Classical Carnation Top hat Refined Carnation Hat, Studious Boy Scout Cap, Model Girl Scout Cap, Cute Kitty Ears Baby Prince Hat, Gold Chicken Head, Cheerleader Sprite Red Hat Costume Weapon: Delicious Sweet-Smelling Kebab, Bloodcured Demon Blade, Trial Purple-Light Military Blade, Romantic Bouquet Summer Watermelon Popsicle, Golden Fan, Legendary BBQ Brush , Childhood's Windmill Gourmet Chef's Barbecue Grill Mount: Yellow Jelly Rabbit Mount, Happy Fun Shine Jelly Rabbit Mount, Super Funtastic Jelly Rabbit Mount Steel Fox Mount, Messenger's Golden Dragon Mount, Messenger's Solar Dragon Mount Ancient Pegasus Mount, Fire General's War Horse Mount, Baha the Trickster's Mount Sprite Messenger's White Dragon Mount, Sprite Messenger's White Dragon Heroic Mount, Noble Black Bear Mount Noble Black Battle Bear Mount, Two-Headed Ferocious Lizard Mount, Two-Headed Armored Ferocious Lizard Mount The above items are all permanent versions. Essence First-Aid Potion, Essence Magic Potion, Fortification Clover, Alchemy Clover High Energy Protein Snack

There's also a chance to receive one of the following word collection items: 

I, Love, X, Legend, Sprite Donut The above items cannot be traded.

"Let's all celebrate the 10th Anniversary of X-Legend together!"

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