May contain: Costume Outfits: Summer Swimming Trunks, Summer Swimming Suit Costume Back Accessory: Sprite Summer Lifesaver Costume Weapon: Green Tea and 'Shmallow Sundae The above items come in green/blue prefix permanent, permanent, or limited-use versions. Craftsman's Ruby Chisel, Blacksmith's Repair Mallet, Gaia's Blessing Lv 4 Fortification Clover, Alchemy Clover, Bank Key, Sprite Donut Sprite Lollipop, Intense Training Cracker, Greater Experience Charm Sprite's Energy Pill, Sprite's Nutrient Pill, Sprite's Rapid-Action Pill Sprite's Efficiency Pill, Sprite's Strength Pill

"Soak up some rays, hit the surf and party it up

on the beach this summer!"
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