Contains one of the following: Misc. Headdress: Bunny Ears, Tank Icon, Healer Icon, DPS Icon Looter Icon, Cat Ears, Pirate Captain's Hat, Superstar Sprite Afro Strawberry Sprite Hat, Rainbow Afro, Red Hair Bow, Headache Panda Earmuffs, Jelly Rabbit Hat, Oval Glasses, Pink Lace Bonnet Bear Helmet, Reindeer Helmet, Paper Bag Mask, Reindeer Antlers Thick-Framed Eyeglasses, Red Mandarin Cap, Cow Hat, Cupid's Arrow Head Ornament Blue Lace Bonnet, Sleigh Bell Ribbons, Angel Feather Halo Maid Hairband, Shura Mask, Angelic Halo, Devilwing Headdress Sweet Maid Hairband, Andalusian Hat, Flame Pirate Hat Rabbit Hat Sprite Sign, Cute Cat Sprite Icon, Alien Sprite Icon Red Ribbon Sprite Sign, Little Prince Stand, White Bear Ears Bloodstained Helmet, Hurricane Ninja Forehead Guard, Light Simple Red Cap Absolute Handsome Military Cap, Rainbow Lord Character Headdress, Black Rabbit Ears Starlight Witch Hat, Christmas Elk Hat, Autumn Feather Hat, Elephant Prince Hat Elephant Princess Hat, Sprite Joy New Year Signboard, Bunny Ear Dress Hat Black Bunny Ear Dress Hat, Gold Chicken Head, Princess Headdress, Royal Crown Classical Carnation Tophat, Refined Carnation Hat, Haunted Necro Head Cool Silver Wig, White Navy Hat, Magical Element Wig Trendy Purple Wig, Blue Rose Top Hat, Bridal Bonnet Patriot Top Hat, Cute Sprite Earmuffs, Protective Goggles, Gung Ho Headband Red Grasshopper Antenna, Sunblock Cowboy Hat, Summer Straw Hat Angeri Bird Head, Studious Boy Scout Cap, Model Girl Scout Cap Grand Bandana, Crimson Sprites Team Cap, Shining Sprites Team Cap Masquerade Mask, Romantic Garland, Cute Pink Nurse Hat Sunflower Shades, Rockin' Reindeer Cap, Mystical Wyvern Horn Headdress Brown Bear Bonnet, Bulbous Sprite Fez, Dark Raspberry Beret Secret Agent Headpiece, Superhero Headpiece, Meowtastic Kitty Ears Secret Agent Glasses, Punk Hairdo, Romantic French Curls Circus Magic Hat, Saucy Circus Hat, Cute Bunny Ears Lucky Fox Headwear, X-Legend Strawberry Shortcake, Moon Fox Headdress Black Lion Headdress, Cyclopean Eye Patch, Bandage Eye Patch, Archangel Helm Brave Chieftain Headdress, DJ Party Military Cap, Vampire Bat Headdress Lux Magic Dragon's Horn, Fantasy Dragon's Horn, Gentleman's Monocle, Punker Hairdo Rickrollin' Haircut, Diabolical Headdress, Gung Ho Pirate Headband, Floating Cloud Hat Cozy Polar Bear Hat, Sunshade Headdress, Blue Ribbon Chef's Hat Dessert Chef's Hat, Mystic Dragon's Horn, Cobalt Magic Dragon's Horn Mermaid's Shell Headdress, Will of Steel, Angel's Blessed Song, Healing Angel's Song

"This is your chance to collect all the classic headgear!"

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