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Each pack is guaranteed to contain: Pink Jelly Rabbit Firework x10 Magic Alchemy Clay x3 There's also a chance to win the following items: Character Back Accessories: Clearwater Butterfly Wings Character Back Accessories: Shining Gold Wings Character Back Accessories: Violet Light Wings Character Back Accessories: Wings of Glorious Freedom Character Back Accessories: Wings of Fantastic Flight Character Back Accessories: Lucky Sprite Backpack Character Back Accessories: Super Jet Light Wing Character Outfits: Starlight Witch Hat Character Outfits: Chic Summer Bikini Costume Weapon: Holy Cross Two-handed Sword Costume Weapon: Trial Purple-Light Military Blade Rare Mount: Lollipop Squirrel Mount Rare Mount: Sprite Hot Air Balloon Mount Rare Mount: Wolfrage Combat Mount The above items come in both permanent and limited editions. Craftsman's Sapphire Chisel, Greater Blacksmith's Repair Mallet Gaia's Blessing Level 3, Essence First-Aid Potion Essence Magic Potion, Experience Charm Lucky Charm, Soul Summoning Orb Resonance Stone Remover, Sprite Emblem Removal Device Craftsman's Ruby Chisel, Blacksmith's Repair Mallet Gaia's Blessing Level 4, Fortification Clover Alchemy Clover, Bank Key Sprite Donut, Sprite Lollipop High Energy Protein Snack, Sprite Item Lock

"Happy 3rd anniversary, Grand Fantasia!"

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