A set of legacy armor. The stats of the equipment will grow with you up through Lv.60 Includes: (1) (Reincarnated) Assassin's Soul Mask (2) (Reincarnated) Assassin's Soul Armor (3) (Reincarnated) Assassin's Soul Leggings (4) (Reincarnated) Assassin's Soul Vambraces (5) (Reincarnated) Assassin's Soul Boots Note: Gear is untradable once opened. Note: For reincarnated characters only.

You will receive set bonuses based on the number of pieces equipped. 3-Piece Set Bonus: Drop Rate +18% 4-Piece Set Bonus: Combat EXP +30% 5-Piece Set Bonus: Movement Speed +24%; when attacked, there's a 12% chance to activate equipment ability. Equipment Ability: Recovers 10% HP. Cooldown: 120 sec Class Required: Assassin, Darkstalker.

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