May contain: LV65 - Temple Knight Helmet LV65 - Temple Knight Breastplate LV65 - Temple Knight Greaves LV61 - Knight of Glory Helmet LV62 - Knight of Glory Armor LV63 - Knight of Glory Greaves LV64 - Knight of Glory Gauntlets LV61 - Knight of Glory Armored Boots LV61 - Mystic Tracer Blade LV64 - Lost Jungle Broadsword LV63 - Heavy Steel Warrior's Axe LV62 - Blood Vein Battleaxe LV62 - Red Iron Warhammer LV61 - Red Steel Blow Hammer LV61 - Shield of Heavenly Defense Mighty Shield Bash Power Stone LV 1 Armor-Cracking Strike Power Stone LV 1 Perfect Defense Power Stone LV 1 Holy Light Grenade Power Stone LV 1

High chance of obtaining Blue Gear or Green Gear

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