May contain: LV39 - Emblem of Justice LV39 - Obliteration Sword (2H) LV40 - Sin's Burden Hammer (2H) LV41 - Giant's Primitive Axe (2H) LV44 - Grand Count's Sword (1H) LV45 - Ancient Ancestor's Hammer (1H) LV39 - Soldier's Mantle LV42 - Praetorian Guard Helm LV43 - Praetorian Guard Plate LV44 - Praetorian Guard Leggings LV45 - Praetorian Guard Vambrace LV40 - Brown Tribal Bear Mount with +45% movement speed Mighty Shield Bash Power Stone LV 1 Armor-Cracking Strike Power Stone LV 1

High chance of obtaining Blue Gear or Green Gear

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