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May contain: Character Mounts: Gingerbread Elk Mount , Jolly Reindeer Mount Character Headdresses: Joyful Christmas Hat Character Suits: Dashing Santa Suit, Naughty Christmas Costume Character Weapons: Christmas Lollipop, Sparkling Star Wand The above items have permanent versions or Timed Versions. Enchantment Lv 4, Enchantment Lv 5 Legendary Enchantment Lv 4, Legendary Enchantment Lv 5 Sprite Enchantment Lv 4, Sprite Enchantment Lv 5 Craftsman's Sapphire Chisel, Mysterious Bronze Chisel, Simple Repair Mallet Gaia's Blessing Lv 4, Broadcasting, Transporter Stone, Soul Summoning Orb High Energy Protein Snack, Little Confusion Mark Set, Bank Key

"Joy to the world!"

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