Open to receive any one the following items: Giant Candy Cane, Rod of Virtue, Water Sprite Staff, Evangelic Sprite Glittering Crystal Wings, Pure Swan Prince Outfit, Pure Swan Princess Gown Elephant Prince Hat, Elephant Princess Hat, Pure Prince Crown, Pure Princess Tiara Ray Sickle, Gingerbread Shield, Christmas Lollipop, Jolly Jelly Rabbit Stocking Dashing Santa Suit, Sexy Christmas Costume, Alluring Christmas Outfit Cute Sprite Earmuffs, Joyful Christmas Wreath, Shield of Magneto-Optical Elements, Swirling Flow Great Sword Vintage Beret, Resplendent Princess Hairstyle, Rugged Red Jeans Elegant Chiffon Dress, Demon Lord's Black Raiment, Abyssal Succubus Ensemble The Dark Knight, Lolita Formal Dress, Light Beam Wings, Hellfire Saber Burning Bayonet, Bluebird Staff, Trickster Sprite Mallet, Red Comet Wings Phoenix Wings, Enlivened Wild Wolf Ears, Talented Writer's Hat, Charming Sexy Wolf Ears Reindeer Helmet, Destiny Lad's Cap, Destiny Lass's Hat

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