Open to receive one of the following items: Costume Weapons: Sparkling Star Wand, Giant Candy Cane, Laserblade Pink Electric Guitar, Onyx Electric Guitar Giant Sprite Hammer, Witch's Broomstick, Sweetheart's Syringe God of War Halfmoon Glaive, Crazy Crimson Chainsaw, Illusion Saber Tuna Club, Confession Bouquet, Angry Sprite Hammer Bloodcured Demon Blade, Delightful Oar, Chocotastic Stick Slaughter Red - Light Military Blade, Double Slaughter Red-light Military Blades, Chicken Stick Pink Lacy Parasol, Moonlight Sword, Muse's Pen, Blue Blaze Moonlight Sword Trial Purple-light Military Blade, Justice Green-light Military Blade, Impenetrable Shield Healthy Carrot Sticks, Romantic Bouquet, Sweet Magic Staff Sakura Ball Kebab, Blazing Knight Lance, Sanctified Sprite Staff Holy Cross Claymore, Fishbone Shield, Beam Shield Kitty Klaw Padded Bat, Valentine's Day Wishing Bamboo, Summer Watermelon Popsicle Pirate's Cutlass, Dreamy Pink Heart Shield, Legendary BBQ Brush Abyssal Blade, Silverfire Dragon Lance, Rabbit Chainsaw Sprite Memory Card, Pinky Sweetie USB, Keyblade Heart Ribbon Baton, Golden Fan, Nostalgia Windmill Wyvern Cuspid, Sinful Chocolate Bar, Decadent Chocolate Shield, USB Blade Memory Shield, Sanguine Sickle, Transcendent Chocolate Sundae Green Tea and 'Shmallow Sundae, Atomic Light Saber, Icicle Lance Mom's Lunchbox Shield, Fancy Firework Candy, Ray Sickle Musou Sprite Fan, Wave Breaker Oar, Lion's Frolic Buckler Designer Briefcase, Elegant Handbag, Laser Knight Lance Broken Sword: Lovelorn Rose, Seeing Eye Claymore, Special Wine Barrel Mallet Pumpkin Crush Chainsaw, Dark Rune Sword, Ice Sword Phoenix Rebirth Shield, Blazing Phoenix Staff, Rod of Virtue The above items are all permanent green or blue versions.

Open to receive one of the following items: Magic Alchemy Clay x30

"Show all of Saphael what you're made of with an amazing new weapon!"