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May contain: Bonus Limited Fortune Bag: Iron War Lion Mount White Valentine Gift Box: Noble Gentleman's Suit, Noble Lady's Dress Devil's Kiss Gift Box: Nocturnal Knight Sanctified Armor, Lolita Formal Dress Spring Day Japanese Gift Box: Melodious Lute, Cherry Blossom Jelly Rabbit Mount Summer Ceremony Gift Box: Summer Night Cool Bathing Suit, Red Butterfly Wings Small Rainbow Gift Box: Rainbow Lord Character Headdress, Carp Kite Limited Costume Gift Box: Grassland Zebra Mount, Giant Sprite Hammer Way of the Ninja Bag: Laserblade, Twin Blades Fantastic Festival Gift Bag: Baby Koala, Sweetheart's Syringe Mid-Summer Zongzi Gift Box: Delightful Oar, Green Jade Eye Outfit Jelly Rabbit Gift Box: Yellow Jelly Rabbit Mount, Happy Funshine Jelly Rabbit Mount 2010 Soccer Male Uniform Gift Box: Soccer Outfits for 12 Nations 2010 Soccer Female Uniform Gift Box: Cheerleading Outfits for 12 Nations Sprite Amusing Clothing Fortune Bag: Sprite Demon's Costume, Sprite Chef Suit, Sprite's Cow Costume Team Helper Fortune Bag: Tank/Technician/Hitter/Leech Mark Chance to win permanent or limited-time prizes above and other items in fortune bags and gift boxes

"Happy National Day!"