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After opening it, you might get one of the following items: Character Costumes: God of War Halfmoon Glaive x 1 Sweetheart's Syringe x 1 Special Mounts: Mystic Pumpkin Mount x 1 Commonly Used Items: Sprite King's Blessing Lv4 x 1 Phantom Backpack x 1 Lv 4 Legendary Enchantment x 1 Master's Fortified Inscription 4 x 1 Blessed Alchemy Clover x 1 Land Mount Benz Potion x 1 Saphael's Infinite Crystal x 1 Ultimate Musou Resonance Stone (Variant) x 1 Ultimate Judgment Resonance Stone (Variant) x 1 Mysterious Bronze Chisel x 1 Mysterious Silver-Tin Chisel x 1 Sage's Fortified Stone Lv 2x 1 Sage's Fortified Stone Lv 3x 1 Voodoo Body Double x 5 Wonder First-Aid Potion x 5 Wonder Mana Tonic x 5 Resonance Stone Remover x 1