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A chance to acquire one of the following prizes: (1) Gaia's Heart Gem, Fireworks Permanent Items: (2) Angel Feather Halo, Sdogor's wings, Reindeer Helmet, moose antler head ornament, Red Mandarin Hat Limited-Time Items: (3) Sleigh Bell Ribbons, Superstar Afro, Strawberry Hat, Rainbow Afro, Giant Sprite Hammer (4) Sprite Sundae, Sprite Crispy Puff, Simple Repair Mallet (5) General Store Portal, Mail Portal, Fortification Portal, Alchemy Portal (6) High First-Aid Potions, Super First-Aid Potions, High Mana Tonics, Super Mana Tonics (7) Potions, Large Potions Each bag comes with "Transporter Stone" and "Potion" x1!

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