Sword Crafting Trial Gem TEST (DO NOT USE)Sword Crafting Trial StoneSword Crafting Trial Stone Set
Sword ForgeSword Fox Challenge Fortune BagSword Fox Emblem
Sword of DawnSword of Monster BoneSword of Thrones
Sword of the WastesSwordcrafting FurnaceSwordcrafting Furnace (DO NOT USE)
Sworn ShieldSylvan CapeSylvan Dragoon Outfit
Sylvan Dragoon SuitSylvia W.'s Heart StandSymbol of Courage
Symbol of DeterminationSymbol of DevotionSymbol of Generosity
Symbol of LightSymbol of StrengthSymphonic Blade
Symphonic Blade (3-Day)Symphonic Blade (30-Day)Symphonic Blade (7-Day)
Synthesis ListSynthetic PowderT0357
TEST Crimson Ultimate CrystalTEST Crimson Ultimate SourceTEST Greater Blacksmith's Repair Mallet Formula
TGBUS IconTW100 Commemorative BagTW100 VIP Lucky Bag
Tablet of CommandmentsTablet of DedicationTablet of Dogma
Tablet of OathsTactical OfficerTactical Officer's Bangle
Tactical Officer's BootsTactical Officer's HelmetTactical Officer's Trousers
Tactical Officer's UniformTactical Officer TrousersTactical Shooter
Tailor's HatTailoring MannequinsTailoring Mannequins (DO NOT USE)
Tainted Energy Drink (Experimental)Taken Special MaterialsTalent: Abundant Energy 1
Talent: Abundant Energy 2Talent: Abundant Energy 3Talent: Abundant Energy 4
Talent: Abundant Energy 6Talent: Aim 1Talent: Aim 2
Talent: Aim 3Talent: Aim 4Talent: Aim 6
Talent: Arcane Amplifier 1Talent: Arcane Amplifier 2Talent: Arcane Amplifier 3
Talent: Arcane Amplifier 4Talent: Arcane Amplifier 6Talent: Arcane Endurance 1
Talent: Arcane Endurance 2Talent: Arcane Endurance 3Talent: Arcane Endurance 4
Talent: Arcane Endurance 6Talent: Armor-piercing Enhancement 1Talent: Armor-piercing Enhancement 2
Talent: Armor-piercing Enhancement 3Talent: Armor Amplification 1Talent: Armor Amplification 2
Talent: Armor Amplification 3Talent: Art of Defense 1Talent: Art of Defense 2
Talent: Art of Defense 3Talent: Art of Defense 4Talent: Art of Defense 6
Talent: Aura of Hatred 1Talent: Aura of Hatred 2Talent: Aura of Hatred 3
Talent: Aura of Hatred 4Talent: Aura of Hatred 6Talent: Axe Specialist 1
Talent: Axe Specialist 2Talent: Axe Specialist 3Talent: Axe Specialist 4
Talent: Axe Specialist 6Talent: Blessed Barrier 1Talent: Blessed Barrier 2
Talent: Blessed Barrier 3Talent: Blessed Barrier 4Talent: Blessed Barrier 6
Talent: Bow Quickdraw 1Talent: Bow Quickdraw 2Talent: Bow Quickdraw 3
Talent: Bow Quickdraw 4Talent: Bow Quickdraw 6Talent: Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone 1
Talent: Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone 2Talent: Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone 3Talent: Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone 4
Talent: Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone 6Talent: Chained Magic Burst 1Talent: Chained Magic Burst 2
Talent: Chained Magic Burst 3Talent: Chained Magic Burst 4Talent: Chained Magic Burst 6
Talent: Channel Magic 1Talent: Channel Magic 2Talent: Channel Magic 3
Talent: Channel Magic 4Talent: Channel Magic 6Talent: Damping Enhancement 1
Talent: Damping Enhancement 2Talent: Damping Enhancement 3Talent: Dark Magic 1
Talent: Dark Magic 2Talent: Dark Magic 3Talent: Dark Magic 4
Talent: Dark Magic 6Talent: Dark Protector 1Talent: Dark Protector 2
Talent: Dark Protector 3Talent: Dark Protector 4Talent: Dark Protector 6
Talent: Dashing 1Talent: Dashing 2Talent: Dashing 3
Talent: Dashing 4Talent: Dashing 6Talent: Dashing Strike 1
Talent: Dashing Strike 2Talent: Dashing Strike 3Talent: Dashing Strike 4
Talent: Dashing Strike 6Talent: Deathblow Attack 1Talent: Deathblow Attack 2
Talent: Deathblow Attack 3Talent: Deathblow Attack 4Talent: Deathblow Attack 6
Talent: Demonic Afterimage 1Talent: Demonic Afterimage 2Talent: Demonic Afterimage 3
Talent: Demonic Afterimage 4Talent: Demonic Afterimage 6Talent: Determination 1
Talent: Determination 2Talent: Determination 3Talent: Determination 4
Talent: Determination 6Talent: Dual-wielding Amplification 1Talent: Dual-wielding Amplification 2
Talent: Dual-wielding Amplification 3Talent: Dual Blades 1Talent: Dual Blades 2
Talent: Dual Blades 3Talent: Dual Blades 4Talent: Dual Blades 6
Talent: Elemental Amplification 1Talent: Elemental Amplification 2Talent: Elemental Amplification 3
Talent: Enhancement Device 1Talent: Enhancement Device 2Talent: Enhancement Device 3
Talent: Explosion Upgrade 1Talent: Explosion Upgrade 2Talent: Explosion Upgrade 3
Talent: Fast Reloading 1Talent: Fast Reloading 2Talent: Fast Reloading 3
Talent: Fatal Blade 1Talent: Fatal Blade 2Talent: Fatal Blade 3
Talent: Fatal Blade 4Talent: Fatal Blade 6Talent: Fire Element 1
Talent: Fire Element 2Talent: Fire Element 3Talent: Fire Element 4
Talent: Fire Element 6Talent: Flash Loading 1Talent: Flash Loading 2
Talent: Flash Loading 3Talent: Focused Casting 1Talent: Focused Casting 2
Talent: Focused Casting 3Talent: Focused Casting 4Talent: Focused Casting 6
Talent: Gate of Purgatory 1Talent: Gate of Purgatory 2Talent: Gate of Purgatory 3
Talent: Gate of Purgatory 4Talent: Gate of Purgatory 6Talent: Giant Ape Elite 1
Talent: Giant Ape Elite 2Talent: Giant Ape Elite 3Talent: Giant Ape Elite 4
Talent: Giant Ape Elite 6Talent: Great Eagle Elite 1Talent: Great Eagle Elite 2
Talent: Great Eagle Elite 3Talent: Great Eagle Elite 4Talent: Great Eagle Elite 6
Talent: Hammer Specialist 1Talent: Hammer Specialist 2Talent: Hammer Specialist 3
Talent: Hammer Specialist 4Talent: Hammer Specialist 6Talent: Hammerhead Blow 1
Talent: Hammerhead Blow 2Talent: Hammerhead Blow 3Talent: Hammerhead Blow 4
Talent: Hammerhead Blow 6Talent: Heavy Arms Specialist 1Talent: Heavy Arms Specialist 2
Talent: Heavy Arms Specialist 3Talent: Heavy Arms Specialist 4Talent: Heavy Arms Specialist 6
Talent: Heavy Cannon Specialist 1Talent: Heavy Cannon Specialist 2Talent: Heavy Cannon Specialist 3
Talent: Heavy Machine Specialist 1Talent: Heavy Machine Specialist 2Talent: Heavy Machine Specialist 3
Talent: High-Speed Gears 1Talent: High-Speed Gears 3Talent: High-speed Gears 2
Talent: Holy Furor 1Talent: Holy Furor 2Talent: Holy Furor 3
Talent: Holy Furor 4Talent: Holy Furor 6Talent: Ice Element 1
Talent: Ice Element 2Talent: Ice Element 3Talent: Ice Element 4
Talent: Ice Element 6Talent: Katana Specialist 1Talent: Lash Out 1
Talent: Lash Out 2Talent: Lash Out 3Talent: Lash Out 4
Talent: Lash Out 6Talent: Lich's Wind 1Talent: Lich's Wind 2
Talent: Lich's Wind 3Talent: Lich's Wind 4Talent: Lich's Wind 6
Talent: Light Arms Specialist 1Talent: Light Arms Specialist 2Talent: Light Arms Specialist 3
Talent: Light Arms Specialist 4Talent: Light Arms Specialist 6Talent: Lightfoot Stance 1
Talent: Lightfoot Stance 2Talent: Lightfoot Stance 3Talent: Lightfoot Stance 4
Talent: Lightfoot Stance 6Talent: Lightning Element 1Talent: Lightning Element 2
Talent: Lightning Element 3Talent: Lightning Element 4Talent: Lightning Element 6
Talent: Lightweight Machine Specialist 1Talent: Lightweight Machine Specialist 2Talent: Lightweight Machine Specialist 3
Talent: Magic Assault Specialist 1Talent: Magic Assault Specialist 2Talent: Magic Assault Specialist 3
Talent: Magic Assault Specialist 4Talent: Magic Assault Specialist 6Talent: Magic Ward Specialist 1
Talent: Magic Ward Specialist 2Talent: Magic Ward Specialist 3Talent: Magic Ward Specialist 4
Talent: Magic Ward Specialist 6Talent: Maniac Attack 1Talent: Maniac Attack 2
Talent: Maniac Attack 3Talent: Maniac Attack 4Talent: Maniac Attack 6
Talent: Mecha Enhancement 1Talent: Mecha Enhancement 2Talent: Mecha Enhancement 3
Talent: Mighty Guard 1Talent: Mighty Guard 2Talent: Mighty Guard 3
Talent: Mighty Guard 4Talent: Mighty Guard 6Talent: Motion Enhancement 1
Talent: Motion Enhancement 2Talent: Motion Enhancement 3Talent: Negator's Instinct 1
Talent: Negator's Instinct 2Talent: Negator's Instinct 3Talent: Negator's Instinct 4
Talent: Negator's Instinct 6Talent: Penetration Enhancement 1Talent: Penetration Enhancement 2
Talent: Penetration Enhancement 3Talent: Precision 1Talent: Precision 2
Talent: Precision 3Talent: Precision 4Talent: Precision 6
Talent: Precision Instrument 1Talent: Precision Instrument 2Talent: Precision Instrument 3
Talent: Premonition 1Talent: Premonition 2Talent: Premonition 3
Talent: Premonition 4Talent: Premonition 6Talent: Psionic Amplification 1
Talent: Psionic Amplification 2Talent: Psionic Amplification 3Talent: Reflex Response 1
Talent: Reflex Response 2Talent: Reflex Response 3Talent: Reflex Response 4
Talent: Reflex Response 6Talent: Resilient Vitality 1Talent: Resilient Vitality 2
Talent: Resilient Vitality 3Talent: Resilient Vitality 4Talent: Resilient Vitality 6
Talent: Saintly Touch 1Talent: Saintly Touch 2Talent: Saintly Touch 3
Talent: Saintly Touch 4Talent: Saintly Touch 6Talent: Shadow Wolf Elite 1
Talent: Shadow Wolf Elite 2Talent: Shadow Wolf Elite 3Talent: Shadow Wolf Elite 4
Talent: Shadow Wolf Elite 6Talent: Shield Specialist 1Talent: Shield Specialist 2
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