Sprite's Nutrient PillSprite's Ocean BootsSprite's Ocean Gloves
Sprite's Ocean TrousersSprite's Old Messenger BootsSprite's Old Messenger Gloves
Sprite's Old Messenger TrousersSprite's One-Horn HammerSprite's Oracle Boots
Sprite's Oracle GlovesSprite's Oracle TrousersSprite's Paper Bag Mask
Sprite's Paper Bag Mask (3-Day)Sprite's Paper Bag Mask (30-Day)Sprite's Paper Bag Mask (7-Day)
Sprite's Phantasmal SawbladeSprite's Pink Antlers Tall HatSprite's Pink Lace Bonnet
Sprite's Pioneer AxeSprite's Pious BootsSprite's Pious Gloves
Sprite's Pious TrousersSprite's Poisoned ShortswordSprite's Pontiff Boots
Sprite's Pontiff GlovesSprite's Pontiff GreavesSprite's Pontiff Longboots
Sprite's Pontiff SlacksSprite's Practice StaffSprite's Prayer Boots
Sprite's Prayer GlovesSprite's Prayer SlacksSprite's Prescient Whisper
Sprite's Primitive BootsSprite's Primitive GlovesSprite's Primitive Greaves
Sprite's Prophecy StaffSprite's Proudflame BootsSprite's Proudflame Gloves
Sprite's Proudflame TrousersSprite's Province HammerSprite's Pulse Gun
Sprite's Purifying BootsSprite's Purifying GlovesSprite's Purifying Trousers
Sprite's Radiant CleaverSprite's Radiant CodexSprite's Raging Flame Resonance Stone
Sprite's Raging Flame Resonance Stone (Variant)Sprite's Rainbow GlovesSprite's Rainbow Leggings
Sprite's Rainbow Magic BootsSprite's Rapid-Action PillSprite's Red Bow
Sprite's Red Pirate Captain's HatSprite's Red Pirate Captain OutfitSprite's Regent Boots
Sprite's Regent GauntletsSprite's Regent GreavesSprite's Regicidal Hammer
Sprite's Reminiscent Suit Fortune BagSprite's RifleSprite's Ripple Wand
Sprite's Rod of RevelationsSprite's Saboteur ClothingSprite's Saboteur Helmet
Sprite's Saboteur SetSprite's Sacred Heavy Steel SwordSprite's Sacred Prophecy Gloves
Sprite's Sacred Prophecy Magic BootsSprite's Sacred Prophecy TrousersSprite's Sacred Spirit Clothing
Sprite's Sacred Spirit CrownSprite's Sacred Spirit SetSprite's Sage's Staff
Sprite's Sanctified Resonance StoneSprite's Savage BroadswordSprite's Seal of Loyalty
Sprite's Secret Chest ISprite's Secret Chest IISprite's Shadow Warrior Clothing
Sprite's Shadow Warrior HelmetSprite's Sharp HatchetSprite's Shattering Mallet
Sprite's Shield of FaithSprite's Silent Darkness Resonance StoneSprite's Silent Darkness Resonance Stone (Variant)
Sprite's Silver Moon BootsSprite's Silver Moon GauntletsSprite's Silver Moon Leggings
Sprite's Silver ShieldSprite's Silversun ShieldSprite's Simple Heavy Artillery
Sprite's Skeletal BowSprite's Skill Loss PillSprite's Sky Overload Boots
Sprite's Sky Overload GreavesSprite's Sky Overload VambraceSprite's Skywalker Clothing
Sprite's Skywalker HatSprite's Snake Wing StaffSprite's Sniper's Realm Clothing
Sprite's Sniper's Realm HatSprite's Sniper's Realm SetSprite's Soul
Sprite's Soul SwordSprite's Space Traveler ClothingSprite's Space Traveler Headdress
Sprite's Space Traveler SetSprite's Special Heavy MalletSprite's Speed Longbow
Sprite's Speed PillSprite's Speeding Wind Resonance StoneSprite's Speeding Wind Resonance Stone (Variant)
Sprite's Spell GlovesSprite's Spell Magic BootsSprite's Spell Slacks
Sprite's Spirit LongbowSprite's Spreading Mutation BootsSprite's Spreading Mutation Gloves
Sprite's Spreading Mutation TrousersSprite's Squirrel HatSprite's Squirrel Hat (3-Day)
Sprite's Squirrel Hat (30-Day)Sprite's Squirrel Hat (7-Day)Sprite's Squirrel Outfit
Sprite's Squirrel Outfit (3-Day)Sprite's Squirrel Outfit (30-Day)Sprite's Squirrel Outfit (7-Day)
Sprite's Star-Crossed BootsSprite's Star-Crossed GlovesSprite's Star-Crossed Trousers
Sprite's Star Divine HammerSprite's Stealthy BootsSprite's Stealthy Gloves
Sprite's Stealthy TrousersSprite's Steel Destruction ArmorSprite's Steel Destruction Helmet
Sprite's Steel Destruction SetSprite's Steel MalletSprite's Steel Trident Axe
Sprite's Steelblade BootsSprite's Steelblade GauntletsSprite's Steelblade Greaves
Sprite's Stratagem ChapsSprite's Stratagem GauntletsSprite's Stratagem Long Boots
Sprite's Strategist's ChapsSprite's Strategist's GauntletsSprite's Strategist's Longboots
Sprite's Strength PillSprite's Sturdy BootsSprite's Sturdy Gloves
Sprite's Sturdy TrousersSprite's Sunday Night SpecialSprite's Sunkiller Longbow
Sprite's Supernatural ShieldSprite's Sword of ThronesSprite's Sword of the Wastes
Sprite's Tablet of CommandmentsSprite's TearsSprite's Teleport Stone
Sprite's Thunder Resonance StoneSprite's Tidal ArtillerySprite's Tin Hammer
Sprite's Tough PikeSprite's Tracker's BootsSprite's Tracker's Chaps
Sprite's Tracker's GlovesSprite's Travel PackSprite's Trousers of Discipline
Sprite's Twin Radiant AxeSprite's Unicorn NecklaceSprite's Unicorn Shield
Sprite's Vanguard Armor BootsSprite's Vanguard GauntletsSprite's Vanguard Greaves
Sprite's Viper StaffSprite's Vortex ShieldSprite's Wacky Attire Fortune Bag
Sprite's War God AxeSprite's Warding BucklerSprite's Warlord Sword
Sprite's Way of Heaven SlateSprite's Well-Made Iron SwordSprite's Wheel Staff
Sprite's Wicked Enchant BootsSprite's Wicked Enchant GlovesSprite's Wicked Enchant Trousers
Sprite's Wind Fang LongbowSprite's Wind Frost Jade SwordSprite's Winter Resonance Stone
Sprite's Wooden MalletSprite's Wooden StaffSprite's Workout Boots
Sprite's Workout GlovesSprite's Workout TrousersSprite-Woven Robe
Sprite Agent Fairytale Capsule ToySprite Ambassador's BlessingSprite Ambassador's Gratitude
Sprite Ambassador's Thanks 2Sprite Amusing Clothing Fortune BagSprite Angry Longbow
Sprite Archive Pouch ISprite Archive Pouch IISprite Archive Pouch III
Sprite Archive Pouch IVSprite Arena Victory RuneSprite Baby Capsule Toy
Sprite Balloon Mount FormulaSprite Blue Moon AxeSprite Buddies Fruit
Sprite Burst GunSprite Caring DressSprite Celebration Sign
Sprite Celebration Sign (3-Day)Sprite Certificate of GratitudeSprite Challenge Fortune Bag
Sprite Character Unlock KeySprite Cheer Fortune BagSprite Chef's Hat
Sprite Chef's Hat (3-Day)Sprite Chef's Hat (30-Day)Sprite Chef's Hat (7-Day)
Sprite Chef's SuitSprite Chef's Suit (3-Day)Sprite Chef's Suit (30-Day)
Sprite Chef's Suit (7-Day)Sprite Chief's Bliss Lv1Sprite Chief's Bliss Lv100
Sprite Chief's Bliss Lv2Sprite Chief's Bliss Lv3Sprite Chief's Bliss Lv4
Sprite Chief's Bliss Lv5Sprite Chief's Bliss Lv6Sprite Clothing Lucky Bag
Sprite Combat Skill Book 50Sprite Combat Skill ChestSprite Coupe Combat Mount
Sprite Coupe Combat Mount (3-Day)Sprite Coupe Combat Mount (30-Day)Sprite Coupe Combat Mount (7-Day)
Sprite Crafting Furniture Gift BoxSprite Crispy PuffSprite Cross Staff
Sprite Cupid BackpackSprite Cupid Backpack (3-Day)Sprite Cupid Backpack (30-Day)
Sprite Cupid Backpack (7-Day)Sprite Cute Furniture Gift BoxSprite Cutting Dragon Sword
Sprite Demon's CostumeSprite Demon's HelmetSprite Diaper
Sprite DonutSprite EmblemSprite Emblem - 2-Handed Axe Frenzy 1
Sprite Emblem - 2-Handed Axe Frenzy 2Sprite Emblem - 2-Handed Axe Frenzy 3Sprite Emblem - 2-Handed Axe Frenzy 4
Sprite Emblem - 2-Handed Hammer Frenzy 1Sprite Emblem - 2-Handed Hammer Frenzy 2Sprite Emblem - 2-Handed Hammer Frenzy 3
Sprite Emblem - 2-Handed Hammer Frenzy 4Sprite Emblem - 2-Handed Sword Frenzy 1Sprite Emblem - 2-Handed Sword Frenzy 2
Sprite Emblem - 2-Handed Sword Frenzy 3Sprite Emblem - 2-Handed Sword Frenzy 4Sprite Emblem - Archery Frenzy 1
Sprite Emblem - Archery Frenzy 2Sprite Emblem - Archery Frenzy 3Sprite Emblem - Archery Frenzy 4
Sprite Emblem - Axe Frenzy 1Sprite Emblem - Axe Frenzy 2Sprite Emblem - Axe Frenzy 3
Sprite Emblem - Axe Frenzy 4Sprite Emblem - Blessed Meditation 1Sprite Emblem - Blessed Meditation 2
Sprite Emblem - Blessed Meditation 3Sprite Emblem - Blessed Rest 1Sprite Emblem - Blessed Rest 2
Sprite Emblem - Blessed Rest 3Sprite Emblem - Blessed Ward 1Sprite Emblem - Blessed Ward 2
Sprite Emblem - Blessed Ward 3Sprite Emblem - Darkness Barrier 1Sprite Emblem - Darkness Barrier 2
Sprite Emblem - Darkness Barrier 3Sprite Emblem - Demonic Sonata 1Sprite Emblem - Demonic Sonata 2
Sprite Emblem - Demonic Sonata 3Sprite Emblem - Demonic Sonata 4Sprite Emblem - Demonic Sonata 5
Sprite Emblem - Demonic Sonata 6Sprite Emblem - Divine Serenity 1Sprite Emblem - Divine Serenity 2
Sprite Emblem - Divine Serenity 3Sprite Emblem - Divine Serenity 4Sprite Emblem - Duablade Ultimate 1
Sprite Emblem - Duablade Ultimate 2Sprite Emblem - Duablade Ultimate 3Sprite Emblem - Duablade Ultimate 4
Sprite Emblem - Encouragement 1Sprite Emblem - Encouragement 2Sprite Emblem - Encouragement 3
Sprite Emblem - Evasion 1Sprite Emblem - Evasion 2Sprite Emblem - Evasion 3
Sprite Emblem - Fighting Spirit Song 1Sprite Emblem - Fighting Spirit Song 2Sprite Emblem - Fighting Spirit Song 3
Sprite Emblem - Fire Barrier 1Sprite Emblem - Fire Barrier 2Sprite Emblem - Fire Barrier 3
Sprite Emblem - Fire God's Overture 1Sprite Emblem - Fire God's Overture 2Sprite Emblem - Fire God's Overture 3
Sprite Emblem - Fire God's Overture 4Sprite Emblem - Firearm Frenzy 1Sprite Emblem - Firearm Frenzy 2
Sprite Emblem - Firearm Frenzy 3Sprite Emblem - Firearm Frenzy 4Sprite Emblem - Flame Keeper 1
Sprite Emblem - Flame Keeper 2Sprite Emblem - Flame Keeper 3Sprite Emblem - Flame Keeper 4
Sprite Emblem - Flying Shadow 1Sprite Emblem - Flying Shadow 2Sprite Emblem - Flying Shadow 3
Sprite Emblem - Healing 1Sprite Emblem - Healing 2Sprite Emblem - Healing 3
Sprite Emblem - Hexagram Seal 1Sprite Emblem - Hexagram Seal 2Sprite Emblem - Hexagram Seal 3
Sprite Emblem - Hexagram Seal 4Sprite Emblem - Ice Barrier 1Sprite Emblem - Ice Barrier 2
Sprite Emblem - Ice Barrier 3Sprite Emblem - Ice Keeper 1Sprite Emblem - Ice Keeper 2
Sprite Emblem - Ice Keeper 3Sprite Emblem - Ice Keeper 4Sprite Emblem - Ice Queen's Waltz 1
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