Righteous Herald GreavesRighteous Herald HelmetRighteous Herald Vambrace
Righteous Paladin OutfitRighteous Paladin Outfit (3-Day)Righteous Paladin Outfit (30-Day)
Righteous Paladin Outfit (7-Day)Righteous Skills Gift BoxRighteous Stigma
Righteous Stigma BootsRighteous Stigma GlovesRighteous Stigma Hat
Righteous Stigma SlacksRighteous Stigma VestmentRimera's Gifts
Ring GunRing StaffRing of Dusk
Ring of Magic FocusRing of Unbreakable FaithRing of the Holy Key
Ring of the Iron Stone BrothersRiposte CloakRipple Cape
Ripple WandRippled Beastman ArmorRiptide Greatsword
Riptide Greatsword (3-Day)Riptide Greatsword (30-Day)Riptide Greatsword (7-Day)
Rising SunRising Sun BootsRising Sun Crown
Rising Sun Ghost ArmorRising Sun Ghost BootsRising Sun Ghost Greaves
Rising Sun Ghost VambraceRising Sun GlovesRising Sun Mantle
Rising Sun RobeRising Sun SageRising Sun Sage's Boots
Rising Sun Sage's CircletRising Sun Sage's GlovesRising Sun Sage's Robe
Rising Sun Sage's SlacksRising Sun SlacksRite of Passage Present
Ritualistic Gold BarRitualistic Gold BlockRiver Petals
Roaming Black WolfRoaming SwordsmanRoaming Swordsman Breastplate
Roaming Swordsman ChapsRoaming Swordsman Fur CapRoaming Swordsman Long Boots
Roaming Swordsman VambracesRoaming White WolfRoar of the Dead
Roar of the EarthRoaring BattleaxeRoaring Dragon Whelp Skin
Roaring Ghost ShieldRoaring Knight VambraceRoaring Maw Fruit
Roaring Maw Gift CertificateRoaring Maw Mission Order 1Roaring Maw Mission Order 2
Roaring Thunder Fur CapRoaring Thunder VambracesRoast Corn
Roast KnuckleRoasted Crab KebabRobe of Cataclysms
Robe of DestructionRobe of Eternal DeathRobe of Eternal Law
Robe of InsanityRobe of JudgmentRobe of Pardons
Robe of the ContractRobe of the Holy SealRobot Assembly Manual
Robot Assembly Manual (3-Day)Robot ButlerRobot Butler (DO NOT USE)
Robot FrameRobot Researcher Gift BoxRobu Bandits' Secret Stash
Roc Wing Dart Power Stone Lv1Roc Wing Dart Power Stone Lv2Roc Wing Dart Power Stone Lv3
Roc Wing Dart Power Stone Lv4Roc Wing Dart Power Stone Lv5Rock
Rock Drilling MachineRock Fairy Capsule ToyRock Goddess Outfit
Rock Goddess Outfit (3-Day)Rock Goddess Outfit (30-Day)Rock Goddess Outfit (7-Day)
Rock N'Roll Land Bird's first eggsRock N'Roll Land Bird (Adult female)Rock N'Roll Land Bird (Adult male)
Rock N'Roll Land Bird (Female)Rock N'Roll Land Bird (Male)Rock N'Roll Land Bird Pairing Machine
Rock Salt Specialized ChiselRock Star Capsule ToyRock Star Ensemble
Rock Star Ensemble (3-Day)Rock Star Ensemble (30-Day)Rock Star Ensemble (7-Day)
Rocket Parts BoxRocket Sprite RiderRocket Sprite Rider (3-Day)
Rocket Sprite Rider (30-Day)Rocket Sprite Rider (7-Day)Rockin' Reindeer Cap
Rockstar in Training Capsule ToyRod of RevelationsRod of Virtue
Rod of Virtue (3-Day)Rod of Virtue (30-Day)Rod of Virtue (7-Day)
Rogue's BangleRogue's ChapsRogue's Longboots
Rogue BloodRollback Crustacean's TesuoluoRoly-Poly Penguin Combat Mount
Roly-Poly Penguin Combat Mount (3-Day)Roly-Poly Penguin Combat Mount (30-Day)Roly-Poly Penguin Combat Mount (7-Day)
Roly-Poly Penguin MountRoly-Poly Penguin Mount (3-Day)Roly-Poly Penguin Mount (30-Day)
Roly-Poly Penguin Mount (7-Day)Romance BouquetRomance Generation Fortune Bag
Romantic BouquetRomantic Bridal Dress Capsule ToyRomantic Felissan Cart
Romantic Felissan Cart (3-Day)Romantic Felissan Cart (30-Day)Romantic Felissan Cart (7-Day)
Romantic Floral Frock (3-Day)Romantic French CurlsRomantic French Curls (3-Day)
Romantic French Curls (30-Day)Romantic French Curls (7-Day)Romantic Fruit Cocktail
Romantic GarlandRomantic Garland (3-Day)Romantic Garland (30-Day)
Romantic Garland (7-Day)Romantic Lady's Wedding DressRomantic Lady's Wedding Dress (3-Day)
Romantic Lady's Wedding Dress (30-Day)Romantic Lady's Wedding Dress (7-Day)Romantic Lipstick Print
Romantic Lipstick Print (3-Day)Romantic Rose WigRomantic Rose Wig (3-Day)
Romantic Rose Wig (30-Day)Romantic Rose Wig (7-Day)Romantic Veil
Romantic Wedding Gift BoxRomeo's Letter for HelpRomeo Shoulder Armor
Ronto's Black Ice MaulRonto's Cliff BreakerRonto's Crescent Axe
Ronto's Divine Imperium HammerRonto's Everlasting Ice MaulRonto's Fierce Roar Hammer
Ronto's Gaia SwordRonto's Hammer of WrathRonto's Metamorphic Rainbow Stone
Ronto's Metamorphic Rainbow Stone PieceRonto's Mountain CleaverRonto's Phantom Rainbow Stone
Ronto's Phantom Rainbow Stone PiecesRonto's Sandstorm TomahawkRonto - Brute's Slaughter Hammer
Ronto - Mutated Duke HammerRonto - Unyielding AxeRookie of the Year Icon
Root-Bound ChinaRoot of DarknessRose Decoration
Rose JewelRose Pegasus MountRose Pegasus Mount (3-Day)
Rose Pegasus Mount (30-Day)Rose Pegasus Mount (7-Day)Rose Quartz Pearl Necklace
Rose StoneRose Thorn RingRosebloom Blade
Rosebloom Blade (3-Day)Rosebloom Blade (30-Day)Rosebloom Blade (7-Day)
Rosebud Angel WingsRosebud Angel Wings (3-Day)Rosebud Angel Wings (30-Day)
Rosebud Angel Wings (7-Day)RosemaryRosy Maid's Perm
Rosy Maid's Perm (3-Day)Rosy Maid's Perm (30-Day)Rosy Maid's Perm (7-Day)
Rosy Penguin Combat MountRosy Penguin Combat Mount (3-Day)Rosy Penguin Combat Mount (30-Day)
Rosy Penguin Combat Mount (7-Day)Rosy Penguin MountRosy Penguin Mount (3-Day)
Rosy Penguin Mount (30-Day)Rosy Penguin Mount (7-Day)Rosy Romantic Energy
Rotten-Toothed Ghost NecklaceRotten CrateRotten Egg
Rotten FruitRotten LarvaRotten Liquid
Rotten MeatRotten ResinRotten Seed
Rotten SeedsRotten WoodRotten Worm
Rough Barreled ArtilleryRough Dragonskin TunicRound-Rimmed Spectacles
Rowan's Dashing CelloRoyal Arms CrusherRoyal Battleaxe
Royal CrownRoyal DecreeRoyal Disdain
Royal Gentleman's Top HatRoyal Gentleman's Top Hat (3-Day)Royal Gentleman's Top Hat (30-Day)
Royal Gentleman's Top Hat (7-Day)Royal HeraldRoyal Herald Breastplate
Royal Herald Fur CapRoyal Herald LeggingsRoyal Herald Long Boots
Royal Herald VambracesRoyal Killer WhaleRoyal Killer Whale (3-day)
Royal Killer Whale (30-day)Royal Killer Whale (7-day)Royal Nobles' Emblem
Royal Sprite MalletRoyal Sprite Mallet (3-Day)Royal Sprite Mallet (30-Day)
Royal Sprite Mallet (7-Day)Royal Sword - Holy SalvationRoyal Warrior Mantle
Royal WrathRubyRuby Mechanical Wings
Ruby Mechanical Wings (3-Day)Ruby Mechanical Wings (30-Day)Ruby Mechanical Wings (7-Day)
Ruby NecklaceRuby PenguinRuby Penguin (3-Day)
Ruby Penguin (30-Day)Ruby Penguin (7-Day)Ruby Penguin Combat Mount
Ruby Penguin Combat Mount (3-Day)Ruby Penguin Combat Mount (30-Day)Ruby Penguin Combat Mount (7-Day)
Ruby RingRuby WingsRuby Wings Formula
Ruffled MacaronRufus' Cold DrumRug Fusion Formula
Rugged Red JeansRugged Red Jeans (3-Day)Rugged Red Jeans (30-Day)
Rugged Red Jeans (7-Day)Rui's Sincere Token of ThanksRui's Token of Thanks
Ruin Creature's Ancient FragmentRuined BBQ Pork RamenRuined Baked Fish
Ruined Beef BurgerRuined Beef Tip SaladRuined Deer Soup
Ruined Deer SteakRuined Fish BreadRuined Fish Soup
Ruined Pork SkewerRuined Roast CornRuler's Order
Rune: IsolateRune LeatherRune Magic Attack
Rune SkullRune SwordRunic Cape
Runic ChestRunic Guiding AxeRunic Sword
Rural Fish JerkyRural Pork JerkeyRussian Cheerleader Outfit
Russian Cheerleader Outfit (3-Day)Russian Cheerleader Outfit (30-Day)Russian Cheerleader Outfit (7-Day)
Russian Commemorative Ladies' TeeRussian Commemorative Ladies' Tee (3-Day)Russian Commemorative Ladies' Tee (30-Day)
Russian Commemorative Ladies' Tee (7-Day)Russian Commemorative Men's TeeRussian Commemorative Men's Tee (3-Day)
Russian Commemorative Men's Tee (30-Day)Russian Commemorative Men's Tee (7-Day)Russian Football Uniform
Russian Football Uniform (3-Day)Russian Football Uniform (30-Day)Russian Football Uniform (7-Day)
Rusted Gear WheelRusted shovelRustic Chandelier
Rustic GardenRustic HomeRustic Loveseat
Rustic Oak BarrelRustic Water FountainRusty Ancient Superalloy
Rusty AxeRusty HammerRusty Hunting Order
Rusty Iron HammerRusty KeyRusty Map Lower Fragment
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