Red Moon Sentinel's CircletRed Pirate SetRed Plaid Bunny Boy Outfit
Red Plaid Bunny Girl OutfitRed Pork BurgerRed Purple Gladiator Box
Red Resonance Stone BagRed Ribbon Sprite SignRed Ridge Report
Red Ridge Treasure MapRed RoseRed Rose Sweetheart Hairstyle
Red Rose Sweetheart Hairstyle (3-Day)Red Rose Sweetheart Hairstyle (30-Day)Red Rose Sweetheart Hairstyle (7-Day)
Red Rose WingsRed Rose Wings (3-Day)Red Rose Wings (30-Day)
Red Rose Wings (7-Day)Red Scorpion's PoisonRed Skull Cape
Red Skull Cape (3-Day)Red Skull Cape (30-Day)Red Skull Cape (7-Day)
Red Snowflake EarmuffsRed Snowflake Earmuffs (3-Day)Red Snowflake Earmuffs (30-Day)
Red Snowflake Earmuffs (7-Day)Red Steel Blow HammerRed Tiger Combat Mount
Red Tiger Combat Mount (3-Day)Red Tiger Combat Mount (30-Day)Red Tiger Combat Mount (7-Day)
Red Warrior MantleRed Wasp StingerRed Weasel Egg
Red Weasel FurRed WhirlwindRed Winter Jacket (M)
Red Winter Jacket (M) (3-Day)Red Winter Jacket (M) (30-Day)Red Winter Jacket (M) (7-Day)
Red Wolf ClawRed Yellow Gladiator BoxRed four-leaf clover
Redheart JellyfishRedheart Jellyfish TentaclesReece's Shovel
Reef Fishman's FinRefined Armor ForgeRefined Carnation Hat
Refined Crystalline ChunkRefined Equipment of Machine GunRefined Equipment of Machinist's Outfit
Refined Explosion Resonance StoneRefined Growth Resonance StoneRefined Invincible Resonance Stone
Refined KimonoRefined Magic Explosion Resonance StoneRefined Musou Resonance Stone
Refined Sword ForgeRefined Verdict Resonance StoneRefined bird meat
Refined flourRefined straw mushroomsReforged Giant Sword
Refreshed Dragon IchorRefreshing Early Autumn Surprise EggRefreshing Sprite Bottle
Refreshing Sprite Bottle (3-Day)Refreshing Sprite Ice PopRefreshing Sprite Ice Pop (3-Day)
Regal Exorcist Capsule ToyRegal GownRegal Gown (3-Day)
Regal Gown (30-Day)Regal Gown (7-Day)Regal Hair Bun
Regal Hair Bun (3-Day)Regal Hair Bun (30-Day)Regal Hair Bun (7-Day)
Regal Hero Armored BootsRegal Hero BreastplateRegal Hero Gauntlets
Regal Hero GreavesRegal Hero HelmetRegal Lv2Harvest Bag
Regal Lv3 Harvest BagRegal Lv4 Harvest BagRegal Outfit
Regal Outfit (3-Day)Regal Outfit (30-Day)Regal Outfit (7-Day)
Regal Prince SuitRegal Prince Suit (3-Day)Regal Prince Suit (30-Day)
Regal Prince Suit (7-Day)Regal Princess's Knight CostumeRegal Princess's Knight Costume (3-Day)
Regal Princess's Knight Costume (30-Day)Regal Princess's Knight Costume (7-Day)Regal Princess Wig
Regal Princess Wig (3-Day)Regal Princess Wig (30-Day)Regal Princess Wig (7-Day)
Regal SeedRegal Sprite VIP CardRegal VIP Gift Box
Regent BootsRegent GauntletsRegent Greaves
Regular Guardian of Love RewardRegular Membership ApplicationRegulator
Reincarnated Archer's Gear BagReincarnated Champion's ArmorReincarnated Champion's Boots
Reincarnated Champion's BowReincarnated Champion's Gear BoxReincarnated Champion's Gloves
Reincarnated Champion's GreatswordReincarnated Champion's GunReincarnated Champion's Hammer
Reincarnated Champion's Heavy CannonReincarnated Champion's HelmetReincarnated Champion's Leggings
Reincarnated Champion's Mecha WeaponReincarnated Champion's ShieldReincarnated Champion's Slate
Reincarnated Champion's StaffReincarnated Champion's SwordReincarnated Champion's Tome
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - ArchangelReincarnated Legacy Armor - ArcherReincarnated Legacy Armor - Archmage
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - ArtilleristReincarnated Legacy Armor - AssassinReincarnated Legacy Armor - Avatar
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - BerserkerReincarnated Legacy Armor - BombardierReincarnated Legacy Armor - Cleric
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - CogmasterReincarnated Legacy Armor - CrusaderReincarnated Legacy Armor - Darkstalker
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - DemolitionistReincarnated Legacy Armor - DemonologistReincarnated Legacy Armor - Destroyer
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - DruidReincarnated Legacy Armor - EngineerReincarnated Legacy Armor - Gearmaster
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - GunnerReincarnated Legacy Armor - HawkeyeReincarnated Legacy Armor - Holy Knight
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - MachinistReincarnated Legacy Armor - MageReincarnated Legacy Armor - Mechmaster
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - MysticReincarnated Legacy Armor - NecromancerReincarnated Legacy Armor - Paladin
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - PredatorReincarnated Legacy Armor - PriestReincarnated Legacy Armor - Prophet
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - RangerReincarnated Legacy Armor - SageReincarnated Legacy Armor - Saint
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - ShadowlordReincarnated Legacy Armor - ShamanReincarnated Legacy Armor - Sharpshooter
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - ShinigamiReincarnated Legacy Armor - ShinobiReincarnated Legacy Armor - Templar
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - WarlockReincarnated Legacy Armor - WarlordReincarnated Legacy Armor - Warrior
Reincarnated Legacy Armor - WindshadowReincarnated Legacy Armor - WizardReincarnated Legacy Set Bonus (3-Piece)
Reincarnated Legacy Set Bonus (4-Piece)Reincarnated Legacy Set Bonus (5-Piece) Lv.1-30Reincarnated Legacy Set Bonus (5-Piece) Lv.31-60
Reincarnated Legacy Set Bonus (5-Piece) Lv.61-75Reincarnated Legacy Set Bonus (5-Piece) Lv.76-90Reincarnated Legacy Set Bonus (5-Piece) Lv.91-100
Reincarnated Machinist's Gear BagReincarnated Mage's Gear BagReincarnated Priest's Gear Bag
Reincarnated Warrior's Gear BagReincarnation Anima CrystalReincarnation Axe
Reincarnation Crystal FragmentReindeer AntlersReindeer Bell
Reindeer HelmetReindeer SleighReindeer Sleigh (3-Day)
Reindeer Sleigh (30-Day)Reindeer Sleigh (7-Day)Reinforced Heavy Cannon
Reinforced SledgehammerReinforced Spear GunReinforced Steel Armor
Reinforced Steel BladeReinforced Steel BootsReinforced Steel Breastplate
Reinforced Steel LeggingsReinforced Wooden ShieldRejuvenating Dew
Releno's CookiesRelentless Bombardment WingRelic
Relic Altar PedestalRelic Altar TableRelic Altar Table (DO NOT USE)
Relic Crafting Booster StoneRelic Crafting Trial StoneRelic Crafting Trial Stone Set
Relic Hammer - Ascetic's RevelationRelic of Ali's SonRelief Supplies
Religious Conversion ContractReluctant SpriteReluctant Sprite (3-Day)
Reluctant Sprite (30-Day)Reluctant Sprite (7-Day)Remains of Greed
Remains of the Ruin CreatureRemodeled Hunter's GunRenowned Heavy Cannon
Renowned Hero Gift BoxRental Silver Sheen Mecha ArmorRental Type-SX Precision Mecha Armor
Rental White Knight Sunbird MountRental White Sunbird MountReplication Core
Report with the Signal FlareReptile transformation potionResar's Emergency Report
Rescue Boost PotionRescuer's EmblemResearch Grant
Research InstrumentsResearch Instruments (DO NOT USE)Research Lab Floor
Research Lab Floor (DO NOT USE)Research ReportResearch Result
Research on Corpse PartsResentment CrystalResident Notification Orders
Residue of HatredResidue of WickednessResilient Elk Leather
Resilient Paladin ArmorResilient Paladin UniformResilient Pelt
Resist-All FruitResistance ArmorResistance Bronze Shield
Resistance Bronze SwordResistance HornResistance Pin
Resolute Attacking Leather JacketResolute Templar ArmorResolute Templar Boots
Resolute Templar FistsResolute Templar GreavesResolute Templar Helmet
Resonance CapeResonance Dragon StoneResonance Hammer
Resonance Stone Formula: Beast Hunter Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Elemental Breakdown Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Evil Suppression Resonance Stone
Resonance Stone Formula: Metal Corrosion Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Mind Lapse Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Plant Hunter Resonance Stone
Resonance Stone Formula: Refined Explosion Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Refined Growth Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Refined Invincible Resonance Stone
Resonance Stone Formula: Refined Magic Explosion Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Refined Musou Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Refined Verdict Resonance Stone
Resonance Stone Formula: Sprite's Degeneration Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Sprite's Evernight Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Sprite's Hurricane Resonance Stone
Resonance Stone Formula: Sprite's Lava Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Sprite's Sanctification Resonance StoneResonance Stone Formula: Sprite's Thunder Resonance Stone
Resonance Stone Formula: Sprite's Winter Resonance StoneResonance Stone Fortune BagResonance Stone Remover
Resource Collection Trial Stone BagResplendent Obsidian BottleResplendent Princess Hairstyle
Resplendent Princess Hairstyle (3-Day)Resplendent Princess Hairstyle (30-Day)Resplendent Princess Hairstyle (7-Day)
Response from the tired soldierRestorative EnergyRestored Longsword
Resurrection CouponRetributionRetro Gentleman's Hat
Retro Gentleman's Hat (3-Day)Retro Gentleman's Hat (30-Day)Retro Gentleman's Hat (7-Day)
Revelation Final BookRevenant ReaperRevenge: Black Lion
Reverse Scales of the Fire DragonReverse Trial Advanced Fortune BagReverse Trial Complete Fortune Bag
Reverse Trial Elementary Fortune BagReverse Trial Expert Fortune BagRevitalizing Hot Spring Powder
Revive OLG Guild StandRevolved Star Coin Capsule ToyRex's Silent Cello
Ricci's TambourineRice Dumpling PackRich Chocolate
Rich Magical PotionRiches IngotRickrollin' Haircut
Rickrollin' Haircut (3-Day)Rickrollin' Haircut (30-Day)Rickrollin' Haircut (7-Day)
Rider's Fortune Bag 2Rider's Fortune Bag 3Rider Defense
Rider Defense ArmorRider Defense Armored PantsRider Defense Boots
Rider Defense GlovesRider Defense HelmetRidge Guardian Claw
Ridge Summoning TokenRifleRift Destruction Crystal
Rift EnergyRift Sprite Messenger ProofRighteous Glory
Righteous Headdress BoxRighteous Herald ArmorRighteous Herald Boots
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