Radiant Angel Violin (3-Day)Radiant Angel Violin (30-Day)Radiant Angel Violin (7-Day)
Radiant Bolt GemstoneRadiant BulletsRadiant Celestial Gemstone
Radiant CleaverRadiant Couple's Egg CarriageRadiant Couple's Egg Carriage (3-Day)
Radiant Couple's Egg Carriage (30-Day)Radiant Couple's Egg Carriage (7-Day)Radiant Crystal
Radiant Crystal WingsRadiant Crystal Wings (3-Day)Radiant Crystal Wings (30-Day)
Radiant Crystal Wings (7-Day)Radiant ElementRadiant Element Circlet
Radiant Element GauntletsRadiant Element Magic BootsRadiant Element Robe
Radiant Element SlacksRadiant Fairy WingsRadiant Fairy Wings (3-Day)
Radiant Fairy Wings (30-Day)Radiant Fairy Wings (7-Day)Radiant Feather
Radiant Feather CrownRadiant Feather GlovesRadiant Feather Robe
Radiant Feather ShoesRadiant Feather TightsRadiant Ferocious Gemstone
Radiant Flame Core - Soul EyeRadiant Halo CoreRadiant Mineral
Radiant Netherworld GemstoneRadiant Orange Female OutfitRadiant Sanctified Alpaca Mount
Radiant Sanctified Alpaca Mount (3-Day)Radiant Sanctified Alpaca Mount (30-Day)Radiant Sanctified Alpaca Mount (7-Day)
Radiant Snow GemstoneRadiant Whirlwind GemstoneRadiant Wing
Radiant Wing BootsRadiant Wing BreastplateRadiant Wing Gauntlets
Radiant Wing GreavesRadiant Wing HelmetRadiant Wing Lv2 Bag
Radiant Wing Lv3 BagRadiant Wing Lv4 BagRadiant Wings of the Ancients
Radiant Wings of the Ancients (3-Day)Radiant Wings of the Ancients (30-Day)Radiant Wings of the Ancients (7-Day)
Radiating MaggotsRadifael's Violin of AuroraRadioactive Box
Radioactive FruitRadioactive Orange Halloween CandyRadish Stew
Rafael's WingsRafael's Wings FormulaRaffle Ticket
Rage HammerRagged Agent Seed BagRagged Agent Seed Packet
Ragged Elite Seed BagRagged Elite Seed PacketRagged General Seed Bag
Ragged General Seed PacketRagged Trol Stone BlueprintRaging Blizzard's Aria
Raging Cloned Beast's HoofRaging Dragon GunRaging Emblem of the Phantom Ship
Raging Flame Resonance StoneRaging Flame Shining StoneRaider
Raider's War BowRaider BreastplateRaider Chaps
Raider Fur CapRaider Long BootsRaider Vambraces
Rail GunRainbow: FlickerRainbow: Jump
Rainbow AfroRainbow Afro Fortune Bag (Test Only)Rainbow Aura Scales
Rainbow Bird of Paradise MeatRainbow CarpetRainbow Carpet (DO NOT USE)
Rainbow EmeraldRainbow FeatherRainbow Feather Staff
Rainbow GemRainbow Gem RingRainbow Gloves
Rainbow LeggingsRainbow Lizard's TongueRainbow Lord Character Headdress
Rainbow Lord Sprite HeaddressRainbow Magic BootsRainbow Mentor's Headdress
Rainbow PowderRainbow RibbonRainbow Stone
Rampage Axe - BlazeRampage ChipRampager Defender Armor
Rampager Defender BootsRampager Defender FistsRampager Defender Greaves
Rampager Defender HelmetRanch Advanced NeedleRanch Booster Needle
Ranch Concentrated Booster NeedleRanch Extreme Booster NeedleRanch Speedy Needle
Ranch Supply BagRanch Supply Bag (Locked)Ranch Support Needle
Rancid Turkey MeatRandorak's EyeRange Swift Blade Serenade Power Stone Lv1
Range Swift Blade Serenade Power Stone Lv2Range Swift Blade Serenade Power Stone Lv3Range Swift Blade Serenade Power Stone Lv4
Range Swift Blade Serenade Power Stone Lv5Ranger's BangleRanger's Boots
Ranger's BreastplateRanger's Costume BoxRanger's Faceguard
Ranger's LegguardsRanger's Song BreastplateRanger's Song Gloves
Ranger's Soul BootsRanger's Soul ChapsRanger's Soul Feather Hat
Ranger's Soul GlovesRanger's Soul JacketRanger's Unique Headdress
Ranger's Unique OutfitRanger's Unique WeaponRanger - Ancient City of Vines Reward
Ranger - Condemned Mine RewardRanger - Deserted Temple RewardRanger - Echo Cave Reward
Ranger - Holy King's Tomb RewardRanger - Mechanical Fortress RewardRanger - Old Siwa Island Reward
Ranger - Roaring Maw RewardRanger ArrowsRanger Cape
Ranger Costume BoxRapacious BreastplateRapacious Chaps
Rapacious Fur CapRapacious Long BootsRapacious Vambraces
Raphael's WingsRapid-fire Artillery ShellRapid Fire Metal Gloves
Raptor Wing Battle AxeRaptorwing BootsRaptorwing Hauberk
Raptorwing HelmetRaptorwing LeggingsRaptorwing Vambrace
Rare Deer SkinRare Dragon ScalesRare Magic Card
Rare Material ListRare Tiger SkinRare Tiger Tooth
Rare WoodRaser's DiaryRaspberry Cake
Rationed Arms PackRattan BenchRaum's Horn of Grandeur
Raum's LetterRavaging DestroyerRavaging Destroyer's Armor
Ravaging Destroyer's BootsRavaging Destroyer's GlovesRavaging Destroyer's Helm
Ravaging Destroyer's TrousersRaven's Determined RattleRavenous Ladona's Package
Ravishing Raccoon TailRavishing Raccoon Tail (3-Day)Ravishing Raccoon Tail (30-Day)
Ravishing Raccoon Tail (7-Day)Raw HideRaw Pork Skewer
Raw SteelRawasha's OracleRay Sickle
Ray Sickle (3-Day)Ray Sickle (30-Day)Ray Sickle (7-Day)
Razor's Edge RockRazor BladestoneRazor Slasher Sword
Razorbeak Eagle's FilletRazorbeak Eagle's SalivaRazorbeak Eagle's Thigh Meat
Razoredge LongswordRealgarRealgar Whiskey
Realgar Whiskey FormulaRealm of EternityReaper
Reaper's Kiss Power Stone Lv1Reaper's Kiss Power Stone Lv2Reaper's Kiss Power Stone Lv3
Reaper's Kiss Power Stone Lv4Reaper's Kiss Power Stone Lv5Reaper's Maw
Reaper's Sanguine ScytheReaper's Sanguine Scythe (3-Day)Reaper's Sanguine Scythe (30-Day)
Reaper's Sanguine Scythe (7-Day)Reaper BootsReaper Gloves
Reaper HelmetReaper KnifeReaper Long Robe
Reaper TightsReassembled Warrior DollRebecca's Deerskin Tribal Drum
Rebel Army InsigniaRebel Army Signal FlareRebel Letter of Introduction
Rebel TattooRebel TokenRebel Yell Hairdo
Rebel Yell Hairdo (3-Day)Rebel Yell Hairdo (30-Day)Rebel Yell Hairdo (7-Day)
Rebellion Mithril LongbowRebellious Black Rabbit CostumeRebellious Black Rabbit Costume (3-Day)
Rebellious Black Rabbit Costume (30-Day)Rebellious Black Rabbit Costume (7-Day)Rebellious Black Rabbit Hat
Rebellious Black Rabbit Hat (3-Day)Rebellious Black Rabbit Hat (30-Day)Rebellious Black Rabbit Hat (7-Day)
Rebellious Sweetheart's SyringeRebirth CardReborn Soul Dust
Rebound Attack FruitRebound FruitRechargeable Core
Recipe: Refined flourRecipe: Refined straw mushroomsRecipe: Shining Crab Burger
Recipe from Munn-KakeReconnaissanceReconnaissance Battle Clothes
Reconnaissance BootsReconnaissance GauntletsReconnaissance Helmet
Reconnaissance TrousersRecord of Magical BeastsRecovery Potion
Red-Cloud SuitRed-Forged GemRed-Leaf Yam
Red-Lip MaskRed Alchemist's Treasure BoxRed Ape Fur
Red Bean FillingRed Blood Treasure RingRed Blue Gladiator Box
Red BricksRed Butterfly CannonRed Butterfly Fireworks
Red Butterfly WingsRed Candy CaneRed Christmas Stocking
Red Coconut Charisma SuitRed Coconut Paradise Boat TicketRed Coconut Sexy Suit
Red Comet WingsRed Crystal Steel AxeRed Deity Ebony Statue
Red Devil SkirtRed Dragon EggRed Dragon Jewel
Red Easter EggRed EggRed Egg Bottom
Red Egg MiddleRed Egg TopRed Energy Crystal Stone
Red EyeRed Feather LongbowRed Festival Fireworks
Red Flame CuttingRed Flash Treasure RingRed Fox Couple's Combat Mount
Red Fox Couple's Combat Mount (3-Day)Red Fox Couple's Combat Mount (30-Day)Red Fox Couple's Combat Mount (7-Day)
Red Grasshopper AntennaRed Grasshopper Female SuitRed Grasshopper Male Suit
Red Green Gladiator BoxRed Hair BowRed Halloween Candy
Red HeadbandRed Healing CardRed High-Fashion Dress
Red Hot CoatRed Hot Coat (3-Day)Red Hot Coat (30-Day)
Red Hot Coat (7-Day)Red Hot NecklaceRed Iron Fox Mount
Red Iron Visage ShieldRed Iron WarhammerRed Jade Narcissus
Red Jet Light WingsRed Jet Light Wings (3-Day)Red Jet Light Wings (30-Day)
Red Jet Light Wings (7-Day)Red Lotus DumplingRed Lotus Sickle
Red Lotus Sickle (3-Day)Red Lotus Sickle (30-Day)Red Lotus Sickle (7-Day)
Red Lucky CoinRed Mandarin CapRed Mandarin Sprite Cap
Red Mandarin Sprite Cap (DO NOT USE)Red MatchsticksRed Mineral
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