Ninja Forehead ProtectorNirvana GuardNirvana Guard Boots
Nirvana Guard GlovesNirvana Guard HeadgearNirvana Guard Robe
Nirvana Guard SlacksNite's Spiral BagpipeNo-Holds-Barred Needlepoint
No.10 Icy Thank-you NoteNo.11Coco Thank-you NoteNo.12Daji Thank-you Note
No.13 Butterfly Dance Thank-you NoteNo.14 Inna Yang Thank-you NoteNo.16 Lina Thank-you Note
No.17 PennY Syuan Thank-you NoteNo.18 Betty Shin Thank-you NoteNo.19 Kitty Kate Thank-you Note
No.1Smiley Thank-you NoteNo.20 South Pole Doll Thank-you NoteNo.21Daisy Thank-you Note
No.22Envoy Thank-you NoteNo.23 Angel Baby Thank-you NoteNo.24 Peach Thank-you Note
No.25 Pai Pai Thank-you NoteNo.26 Sylvia White Thank-you NoteNo.27 Sweet Honey Thank-you Note
No.28 Inky Rose Thank-you NoteNo.29 Blue Swallow Thank-you NoteNo.2Nail Thank-you Note
No.30 OoLuciaoO Thank-you NoteNo.3 Dong Dong Thank-you NoteNo.4 Iris Thank-you Note
No.5 Gaga Thank-you NoteNo.6 Vanessa Piggy Thank-you NoteNo.7 Flora Wang Thank-you Note
No.8 Bully Bo Thank-you NoteNo.9 VicheThank-you NoteNo Entry Barrier
Nobility MansionNoble's Fencing CostumeNoble's Fencing Costume (3-Day)
Noble's Fencing Costume (30-Day)Noble's Fencing Costume (7-Day)Noble's Heirloom Sword
Noble's SwordNoble Black Battle Bear MountNoble Black Bear Mount
Noble Divinity ShieldNoble Ebony Pegasus Couple's MountNoble Ebony Pegasus Couple's Mount (3-Day)
Noble Ebony Pegasus Couple's Mount (30-Day)Noble Ebony Pegasus Couple's Mount (7-Day)Noble Gentleman's Fortune Bag
Noble Gentleman's SuitNoble Gentleman's Wedding SuitNoble Gentleman Wedding Suit
Noble Golden Glint Mecha ArmorNoble Golden Pegasus MountNoble Golden Pegasus Mount (3-Day)
Noble Golden Pegasus Mount (30-Day)Noble Golden Pegasus Mount (7-Day)Noble Golden Pegasus Mount Capsule Toy
Noble Lady's DressNoble Lady's Wedding DressNoble Lady Wedding Dress
Noble Long FeatherNoble Panda Chieftain MountNoble Panda Emperor Mount
Noble Panda MountNoble Panda Mount (7-Day)Noble Princess Wig
Noble Princess Wig (3-Day)Noble Princess Wig (30-Day)Noble Princess Wig (7-Day)
Noble Red Coconut SuitNoble Reminiscent Suit Fortune BagNoble Sharpshooter
Noble Sharpshooter ArmorNoble Sharpshooter BootsNoble Sharpshooter Gloves
Noble Sharpshooter HatNoble Sharpshooter TrousersNoble Shield
Noble Silver Sheen Mecha ArmorNoble Type-GX Precision Mecha ArmorNoble Type-GZ Superalloy Mecha Armor
Noble Type-SX Precision Mecha ArmorNoble Type-SZ Superalloy Mecha ArmorNoble White Dragon Couple Mount
Noble White Dragon Couple Mount (3-Day)Noble White Dragon Couple Mount (30-Day)Noble White Dragon Couple Mount (7-Day)
Noble White Highland Yak MountNoble White Knight Sunbird MountNoble White Royal Sunbird Mount
Noble White Sunbird MountNoble White Unicorn MountNoble Wilderness Warhammer
Nobleman's Holiday SuitNobleman's Holiday Suit (3-Day)Nobleman's Holiday Suit (30-Day)
Nobleman's Holiday Suit (7-Day)Noblewoman's Holiday DressNoblewoman's Holiday Dress (3-Day)
Noblewoman's Holiday Dress (30-Day)Noblewoman's Holiday Dress (7-Day)Nolan Holy Water Flask
Nolan White FishNoll's Diabolical MaracasNopas' Drum of Darkness
Nora-Brand Travel ProvisionsNordy's Silver ClarinetNormal Cross Bun
Norte FurNorth Lion Mountain Observation DataNorth Mountain Wolf Tendon
North Shore Boat ProofNorth StarNorth Star Boots
North Star GlovesNorth Star HatNorth Star Lv2 Bag
North Star Lv3 BagNorth Star Lv4 BagNorth Star Slacks
North Star VestmentNorthern Bandit's SwordNorthern Bloodbath Cape
Northern Chieftain's ScepterNorthern Country GemNorthern Hurricane
Northern Hurricane BootsNorthern Hurricane CircletNorthern Hurricane Gloves
Northern Hurricane TrousersNorthern Hurricane VestmentNorthern Realm Pearl Necklace
Northern Tycoon's Great PipeNorthland Scion - Frontier SniperNorthland Scion - Scorched Sky
Northland Snow Protective SuitNorthwind CapeNorthwind Song Cloak
Nosh Jelly Rabbit DessertNosh Jelly Rabbit SnacksNostalgia Windmill
Nostalgia Windmill (3-Day)Nostalgia Windmill (30-Day)Nostalgia Windmill (7-Day)
Nostalgic PhotosNostalgic Time CapsuleNotice for Marquis's Territory
Novice Battlefield Reward - AssassinNovice Battlefield Reward - BerserkerNovice Battlefield Reward - Cleric
Novice Battlefield Reward - NecromancerNovice Battlefield Reward - PaladinNovice Battlefield Reward - Ranger
Novice Battlefield Reward - SageNovice Battlefield Reward - WizardNovice Certificate
Novice Sprite Skill Book- Combat BlessingNovice Sprite Skill Book - Becalming CurseNovice Sprite Skill Book - Blinding Hit
Novice Sprite Skill Book - Bloody StrikeNovice Sprite Skill Book - Crippling HitNovice Sprite Skill Book - Fatigue Curse
Novice Sprite Skill Book - Grieving JoltNovice Sprite Skill Book - Hawkeye BlessingNovice Sprite Skill Book - Ironwall Blessing
Novice Sprite Skill Book - Magic BlessingNovice Sprite Skill Book - Magic StrikeNovice Sprite Skill Book - Slowing Curse
Novice Sprite Skill Book - Spellwall BlessingNovice Sprite Skill Book - Whirlwind JoltNovice Sprite Skill Stone of Insight
Novice Welcome CardNuclear Bombard Power Stone Lv.1Nuclear Bombard Power Stone Lv.2
Nuclear Bombard Power Stone Lv.3Nuclear Bombard Power Stone Lv.4Nuclear Bombard Power Stone Lv.5
Nuclear Fission Power Stone Lv.1Nuclear Fission Power Stone Lv.2Nuclear Fission Power Stone Lv.3
Nuclear Fission Power Stone Lv.4Nuclear Fission Power Stone Lv.5Nuclear Impact Power Stone Lv.1
Nuclear Impact Power Stone Lv.2Nuclear Impact Power Stone Lv.3Nuclear Impact Power Stone Lv.4
Nuclear Impact Power Stone Lv.5Nuclear PurgatoryNucleus of Ancestral Power
Numbing BreastplateNumbing ChapsNumbing Fur Cap
Numbing Long BootsNumbing VambracesNutritious Rations
Nymph's Ring of SmilesNymph's Tome BagpipeO'Dale's Flaming Guitar
O.O IconOTP EXP CharmOakmut's Radiant Viola
Oasis Beast ShardOasis Magic FlowerOasis Tortoise Carapace
Obliteration SwordOblivion's Curse ScepterOblivion Border Treasure Map
Obsequious DraftObsession CrystalObsidian Arrow
Obsidian CrystalObsidian Diamond Crystal PowderObsidian Diamond Essence Stone
Obsidian Diamond Mineral MapObsidian WingsObsidian Wings (3-Day)
Obsidian Wings (30-Day)Obsidian Wings (7-Day)Occult Bat
Occupation SeedOccupation Seed 2Occupational Letter of Introduction
Ocean Current CrystalOcean King's PupilOcean Spirit Necklace
Ocean Transport TotemOceanic BagOdd Wings
Ode of LifeOde of Life BootsOde of Life Crown
Ode of Life GlovesOde of Life LeggingsOde of Life Robe
Ode to Strange SpacesOffie's Red-Hot Electric GuitarOgre Mace
Ohmron RunestoneOhmron Z RunestoneOily Jelly
Oily Luck HockOken's Ancient TrumpetOktoberfest Gift Box
Oktoberfest Souvenir BadgeOld BarrelOld Book
Old BooksOld BucketOld Captain's Cocktail
Old Christmas StockingsOld ClothingOld Components
Old DaggerOld Ebony ChiselOld Hunting Order 1
Old Hunting Order 2Old Hunting Order 3Old Key
Old Leather Sack near Iron Bludge FallsOld LetterOld Magic Gloves
Old Magic RobeOld Map Lower FragmentOld Map Middle Fragment
Old Map Upper FragmentOld Metal NecklaceOld Monument
Old PhotoOld Royal Treasure ChestOld Scroll
Old ShovelOld Siwa Island Gift CertificateOld Siwa Island Mission Order 1
Old Siwa Island Mission Order 2Old Storage BoxOld Tablet Emblem
Old ToolbagOld Tribal ChestOld and shabby shoes
Oldwall's Suspected EffectsOminous Glass CrystalOmu's Package
On-Site Revival FruitOne-Day Adventure SetOne-Ear Rabbit Tooth
One-Horn HammerOne-Horned Dragon Whelp MeatOne-Touch Cannon
One-Touch Cannon (Consumable)Oni SamuraiOni Samurai Combat Suit
OnslaughtOnyx Beastman CoinOnyx Electric Guitar
Onyx Electric Guitar (3-Day)Onyx Electric Guitar (7-Day)Onyx Framed Glasses (3-Day)
Onyx Illusionary Nucleus of DestinyOnyx Jelly EssenceOnyx Lion Combat Mount
Onyx Lion Combat Mount (3-Day)Onyx Lion Combat Mount (30-Day)Onyx Lion Combat Mount (7-Day)
Onyx Nucleus of DestinyOoLuciaoO's Heart StandOpen Sea Compass
Opposites Attract Capsule ToyOppressive CrystalOppressive Crystal Fragment
Oracle's SlacksOracle's StaffOracle Adorer's Boots
Oracle Adorer's GlovesOracle Adorer's HatOracle Adorer's Robe
Oracle Adorer's SlacksOracle Lava CrystalOracular Murmurs
Oracular Murmurs BootsOracular Murmurs Forehead GuardOracular Murmurs Gloves
Oracular Murmurs Leather PantsOracular Murmurs VestmentOrange Halloween Candy
Orange Jelly Rabbit Disguise Mask (Japan's Event)Orange Knight Sunbird MountOrange Ninja Uniform
Orange Royal Sunbird MountOrange Sunbird BagpipeOrange Sunbird Mount
Orange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv1 - DO NOT USEOrange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv2 - DO NOT USEOrange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv3 - DO NOT USE
Orange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv4 - DO NOT USEOrange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv5 - DO NOT USEOrange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv6 - DO NOT USE
Orange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv7 - DO NOT USEOrb of ScryingOrcfang Dagger
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