Lighthouse PartLighthouse StaffLighthouse Supplies
Lightning: ChannelLightning Array Resonance StoneLightning Array Shining Stone
Lightning Core Power Stone Lv.1Lightning Core Power Stone Lv.2Lightning Core Power Stone Lv.3
Lightning Core Power Stone Lv.4Lightning Core Power Stone Lv.5Lightning Cyan Fox Couple's Combat Mount
Lightning Cyan Fox Couple's Combat Mount (3-Day)Lightning Cyan Fox Couple's Combat Mount (30-Day)Lightning Cyan Fox Couple's Combat Mount (7-Day)
Lightning Defense MedicineLightning Doom BootsLightning Doom Circlet
Lightning Doom GlovesLightning Doom TrousersLightning Doom Vestment
Lightning FruitLightning HatchetLightning Jolt Notebook
Lightning MasterLightning PuddingLightning Radiation Stone
Lightning Reaction Power Stone Lv1Lightning Reaction Power Stone Lv2Lightning Reaction Power Stone Lv3
Lightning Reaction Power Stone Lv4Lightning Reaction Power Stone Lv5Lightning Red Fox Couple's Combat Mount
Lightning Red Fox Couple's Combat Mount (3-Day)Lightning Red Fox Couple's Combat Mount (30-Day)Lightning Red Fox Couple's Combat Mount (7-Day)
Lightning Reflexes Power Stone Lv1Lightning Reflexes Power Stone Lv2Lightning Reflexes Power Stone Lv3
Lightning Reflexes Power Stone Lv4Lightning Reflexes Power Stone Lv5Lightning Saber Power Stone Lv1
Lightning Saber Power Stone Lv2Lightning Saber Power Stone Lv3Lightning Saber Power Stone Lv4
Lightning Saber Power Stone Lv5Lightning SaladLightning Serpent Sword
Lightning Serpent Sword (3-Day)Lightning Serpent Sword (30-Day)Lightning Serpent Sword (7-Day)
Lightning Stab Power Stone Lv.1Lightning Stab Power Stone Lv.2Lightning Stab Power Stone Lv.3
Lightning Stab Power Stone Lv.4Lightning Stab Power Stone Lv.5Lightning of Sanctions
Lightscale CapeLightspeedLightspeed Armor Boots
Lightspeed BreastplateLightspeed HelmetLightspeed Leggings
Lightspeed VambracesLightweight Artillery ShellLightweight Artillery Shell - Modded
Lightweight ChapsLightweight GlovesLightweight Hard Wooden Shield
Lightweight Leather ArmorLightweight SandalsLike Master, Like Sprite Bag
Lilia's LetterLilian's Corrupt Black HornLily Bulb
Lime VestLimit Increase Fame Gift BoxLimit Sprite's Holy Oil
Limited-Edition Aeria Gift BoxLimited Edition Auris Capsule ToyLimited Edition Fortune Bag
Limited Time Costume Pack ILimited Time Costume Pack IILimited Time Mount Pack
Limited Time Only Fortune BagLine of FireLion's Eye Stone Ring
Lion's Frolic BucklerLion's Frolic Buckler (3-Day)Lion's Frolic Buckler (30-Day)
Lion's Frolic Buckler (7-Day)Lion's Mane Armor BootsLion's Mane Breastplate
Lion's Mane GauntletsLion's Mane HelmetLion's Mane Leggings
Lion's RoarLion King's PowerLion King's Roar
Lion King's Roar ArmorLion King's Roar BootsLion King's Roar Greaves
Lion King's Roar HelmetLion King's Roar VambraceLion Roar Axe
Lion SwordLion TuskLionheart's Promise
Lionheart - Sword of KingsLionheart BootsLionheart Gauntlets
Lionheart GreavesLionheart Stone Card FragmentsLionheart Sword
LipstickLiquid ElectrumLira's Nagging Drum
Litaryn's NotesLittle Bear RugLittle Bear Rug (DO NOT USE)
Little Boy's Smiley BadgeLittle Confusion Mark SetLittle Cutey Suit
Little Girl Jasmine AwardLittle Heartbreaker SkirtLittle Heartbreaker Sprite Bonnet
Little Homemade CakeLittle Octopus Red BibLittle Prince Hat
Little Prince StandLittle Princess HatLittle Pumpkin's Surprise
Little Red BagLittle Year Monster's Broken TailLittle Year Monster Pineapple Cake
Lively Wild Wolf EarsLively Wild Wolf Ears (3-Day)Lively Wild Wolf Ears (30-Day)
Lively Wild Wolf Ears (7-Day)Living Dictionary CertificateLiving Nightmare
Lizard JarLizard Knight's HornLizard Knight's Left Sock
Lizard MeatLizard SawtoothLizard Tooth
Lizard Totem ChestLizardman ShardLocked safe box
Locust BodyLodestone CannonLofty Tower Sparkler
Lofty Tower Sparkler (1-Day)Lofty Tower Sparkler (3-Day)Log Fence
Login Gift BoxLoki's GazeLolita Formal Dress
Lollipop - HalLollipop - LoLollipop - Ween
Lollipop BingeLollipop Squirrel MountLollipop Squirrel Mount Formula
London Olympics Capsule ToyLondon Olympics Cheerleader EnsembleLondon Olympics Cheerleader Ensemble (3-Day)
London Olympics Cheerleader Ensemble (30-Day)London Olympics Cheerleader Ensemble (7-Day)London Olympics Spectator Gear
London Olympics Spectator Gear (3-Day)London Olympics Spectator Gear (30-Day)London Olympics Spectator Gear (7-Day)
Lone Wolf BootsLone Wolf EarsLone Wolf Ears (3-Day)
Lone Wolf Ears (30-Day)Lone Wolf Ears (7-Day)Lone Wolf Fists
Lone Wolf HelmLone Wolf Leather JacketLone Wolf Leather Jacket (3-Day)
Lone Wolf Leather Jacket (30-Day)Lone Wolf Leather Jacket (7-Day)Lone Wolf Pants
Lone Wolf ShellLong-Range AssassinLong-Range Attack Mushroom
Long-Range RifleLong AxeLong Dove Feather
Long Horned Deer AntlerLong Robe of EnlightenmentLong Shadow Sword
Long War BowLongboots of InsanityLonghook Axe
Longplate ShieldLongshanks Umbrella MushromLongshot
Loose ScrewLoose SpringLooted Goods
Looter IconLord of CrueltyLord of Darkness
Lord of DestructionLord of the Flaming SwordLord of the North Sea's Holy Echo
Lorther's LetterLost Astronomy BooksLost Battle Orders
Lost Book of the EndlessLost Eternal PowerLost Final Element
Lost Forging Techniques of the TemplarsLost Furry SuitcaseLost Highlands Treasure Map
Lost Ingredients PackLost Jungle BroadswordLost Legacy
Lost Miracle PowerLost Power of Black FlamesLost Power of Hurricanes
Lost Power of SerenityLost Power of the DeadLost Power of the Deep Sea
Lost Power of the ForestLost Power of the FrostLost Power of the Grassland
Lost Power of the HighlandLost Power of the SandLost Realm Dew
Lost Realm Hunting OrderLost Realm Map Lower FragmentLost Realm Map Middle Fragment
Lost Realm Map Upper FragmentLost Soul Slave's HeadLost Supplies
Lost Supplies ReportLost Supply ListLost Tome
Lost ToolsLothario BullLothario Bull (Prime)
LoudspeakerLoveLove's Shooting Star Mount
Love's Shooting Star Mount (3-Day)Love's Shooting Star Mount (30-Day)Love's Shooting Star Mount (7-Day)
Love-Love CocoaLove Alchemy Gift PackLove Angel Wedding Gift Box
Love CertificateLove CharmLove Chocolate Gift Box
Love Cloth BackpackLove Cotton CandyLove Experience Charm
Love Nest Couple's MountLove Nest Couple's Mount (3-Day)Love Nest Couple's Mount (30-Day)
Love Nest Couple's Mount (7-Day)Love Stinks KeyLove Stinks Resentment
Love Stinks Sinful Chocolate BoxLove Wishing CharmLove in the Air Fortune Bag
Lovely BraidsLovely Braids (3-Day)Lovely Braids (30-Day)
Lovely Braids (7-Day)Lovely Red RoseLovely Summer Straw Hat
Lovely Whale HeaddressLovely Whale Headdress (3-Day)Lovely Whale Headdress (30-Day)
Lovely Whale Headdress (7-Day)Lovely lunch boxLover's Magic Stone
Lover's PhotoLovers' Chocolate BagLovers' Fireworks
Lovers AntidoteLovers Chocolate SetLovey-Dovey Backpack
Low-Melting CrystalLucaian's Nightwind HarpLucid Skyline
Lucid Skyline ArmorLucid Skyline BootsLucid Skyline Gloves
Lucid Skyline HatLucid Skyline Lv2 BagLucid Skyline Lv3 Bag
Lucid Skyline Lv4 BagLucid Skyline SlacksLucifer's Wings
Lucky Alchemy CloverLucky CharmLucky Christmas Star
Lucky Coconut Coin Gift PackLucky CoinLucky Dip Fortune Bag
Lucky Dragon BackpackLucky Dragon Backpack (3-Day)Lucky Dragon Backpack (30-Day)
Lucky Dragon Backpack (7-Day)Lucky Egg StaffLucky Egg Staff (3-Day)
Lucky Egg Staff (30-Day)Lucky Egg Staff (7-Day)Lucky Flower
Lucky Fortification CloverLucky Fortification Clover No 16Lucky Fortification Clover No 17
Lucky Fortification Clover No 18Lucky Fortification Clover No 19Lucky Fortification Clover No 20
Lucky Fortune BagLucky Fox HeadwearLucky Fox Headwear (3-Day)
Lucky Fox Headwear (30-Day)Lucky Giant SachetLucky Giant Sachet (3-Day)
Lucky Giant Sachet (30-Day)Lucky Giant Sachet (7-Day)Lucky Gingerbread Man
Lucky Gold Chest KeyLucky GrapefruitLucky Hit Red Envelope
Lucky Holy WaterLucky Lifetime Gift BoxLucky Log-in Gift Box
Lucky Maid Gift BoxLucky Mist SpriteLucky Money Bag
Lucky OmamoriLucky Panda CharmLucky Pink Bookmark
Lucky Racing CoinLucky Red EnvelopeLucky Silver Chest Key
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