Laser Jet Propulsion Machine (3-Day)Laser Jet Propulsion Machine (30-Day)Laser Jet Propulsion Machine (7-Day)
Laser Knight LanceLaser Knight Lance (3-Day)Laser Knight Lance (30-Day)
Laser Knight Lance (7-Day)Laser SwordLaserblade
Laserblade Fortune BagLassoLast Year's Birthday Cake
Late Summer MarbleLatticed Rose BasketLava Beast Crystal
Lava Flame MaskLava KabobLavender
Lavender Lion Combat MountLavender Lion Combat Mount (3-Day)Lavender Lion Combat Mount (30-Day)
Lavender Lion Combat Mount (7-Day)Lavish Butterfly WingsLavish Butterfly Wings (3-Day)
Lavish Butterfly Wings (30-Day)Lavish Butterfly Wings (7-Day)Law Authority Boots
Law Enforcement CaptainLaw of Silence Power Stone Lv1Law of Silence Power Stone Lv2
Law of Silence Power Stone Lv3Law of Silence Power Stone Lv4Law of Silence Power Stone Lv5
Lawgiver's CrownLawgiver's RobeLawless Aria
Lazy Days LoungerLazy Kitty-Ear HairdoLazy Kitty-Ear Hairdo (3-Day)
Lazy Kitty-Ear Hairdo (30-Day)Lazy Kitty-Ear Hairdo (7-Day)Leader's Breastplate
Leader Silverbone NecklaceLeaf from Tree of LifeLeaf of Life Cape
Leather BagLeather Bag Frozen with BloodLeather Canteen of Spring Water
Ledisia's Paper DollLeftover MeatLeftover Purple Powder
Leftover Red PowderLeftover StickLeftover Yellow Powder
Legacy Armor (Cannot be Traded) - Acolyte (Event Only)Legacy Armor (Cannot be Traded) - Archer (Event Only)Legacy Armor (Cannot be Traded) - Mage (Event Only)
Legacy Armor (Cannot be Traded) - Warrior (Event Only)Legacy Armor (Cannot be Traded) AcolyteLegacy Armor (Cannot be Traded) Archer
Legacy Armor (Cannot be Traded) MageLegacy Armor (Cannot be Traded) WarriorLegacy Armor - Archangel
Legacy Armor - ArcherLegacy Armor - ArchmageLegacy Armor - Artillerist
Legacy Armor - AssassinLegacy Armor - AvatarLegacy Armor - Berserker
Legacy Armor - ClericLegacy Armor - CrusaderLegacy Armor - Darkstalker
Legacy Armor - Death KnightLegacy Armor - DeathknightLegacy Armor - Demolitionist
Legacy Armor - DemonologistLegacy Armor - DestroyerLegacy Armor - Druid
Legacy Armor - EngineerLegacy Armor - GearmasterLegacy Armor - Gunner
Legacy Armor - HawkeyeLegacy Armor - Holy KnightLegacy Armor - Machinist
Legacy Armor - Machinist (cannot be traded)Legacy Armor - MageLegacy Armor - Mechmaster
Legacy Armor - MysticLegacy Armor - NecromancerLegacy Armor - Paladin
Legacy Armor - PredatorLegacy Armor - PriestLegacy Armor - Prophet
Legacy Armor - RangerLegacy Armor - SageLegacy Armor - Saint
Legacy Armor - ShadowlordLegacy Armor - ShamanLegacy Armor - Sharpshooter
Legacy Armor - ShinigamiLegacy Armor - ShinobiLegacy Armor - Templar
Legacy Armor - WarlockLegacy Armor - WarlordLegacy Armor - Warrior
Legacy Armor - WindshadowLegacy Armor - WizardLegacy Armor 2 - Demolitionist
Legacy Armor 2 - EngineerLegendLegend of Fun Capsule Toy
Legendary BBQ BrushLegendary BBQ Brush (3-Day)Legendary BBQ Brush (30-Day)
Legendary BBQ Brush (7-Day)Legendary Bamboo LeafLegendary Beef
Legendary Blackblade SuitLegendary Blackblade Suit (3-Day)Legendary Blackblade Suit (30-Day)
Legendary Blackblade Suit (7-Day)Legendary CapeLegendary Cookware
Legendary Craftsman's PrideLegendary Enchantment Lv1Legendary Enchantment Lv100
Legendary Enchantment Lv2Legendary Enchantment Lv3Legendary Enchantment Lv4
Legendary Enchantment Lv5Legendary Enchantment Lv6Legendary Experience Charm
Legendary Experience Meditation GemLegendary Forest BagLegendary Fortification Clover
Legendary Guardian Gift PackLegendary Hero Gift BoxLegendary Highland Yak Mount
Legendary Hunting Order 1Legendary Hunting Order 2Legendary Island Guardian Certificate
Legendary Jelly Rabbit MountLegendary Joyful Gift BoxLegendary Lucky Charm
Legendary Magic CardLegendary Map Lower FragmentLegendary Map Middle Fragment
Legendary Map Upper FragmentLegendary Meditation Improvement GemLegendary Mixed Juice
Legendary Moon Cake Gift BoxLegendary MushroomLegendary Oceanic Bag
Legendary Orange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv1 - DO NOT USELegendary Orange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv2 - DO NOT USELegendary Orange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv3 - DO NOT USE
Legendary Orange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv4 - DO NOT USELegendary Orange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv5 - DO NOT USELegendary Orange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv6 - DO NOT USE
Legendary Orange Transfer Spirit Stone Lv7 - DO NOT USELegendary Panda MountLegendary Plains Bag
Legendary Precious DiamondLegendary Reincarnation Treasure ChestLegendary Sect
Legendary Sect's BootsLegendary Sect's GlovesLegendary Sect's Guard Robe
Legendary Sect's MiterLegendary Sect's SlacksLegendary Specialist Meditation Gem
Legendary Surprise Gift BoxLegendary Sweetheart Capsule ToyLegendary Sword - Immovable King
Legendary Unbinding CrystalLegendary Unbinding StoneLegendary Unbinding Token
Legendary Underground ChestLegendary Unicorn MountLegendary Warrior Armor
Legendary White Unicorn MountLegendary Yellow Transfer Spirit Stone Lv1 - DO NOT USELegendary Yellow Transfer Spirit Stone Lv2 - DO NOT USE
Legendary Yellow Transfer Spirit Stone Lv3 - DO NOT USELegendary Yellow Transfer Spirit Stone Lv4 - DO NOT USELegendary Yellow Transfer Spirit Stone Lv5 - DO NOT USE
Legendary Yellow Transfer Spirit Stone Lv6 - DO NOT USELegendary Yellow Transfer Spirit Stone Lv7 - DO NOT USELeggings of Healing Light
Leggings of LoyaltyLeggings of RuinLeggings of Ruined Desire
Legion BootsLegion ChapsLegion Gauntlets
Legion HelmetLegion JacketLei's Quiver
Leister's Breeze GuitarLeisure Suspenders SuitLemon Pucker Halloween Candy
Lethal Blow Power Stone Lv1Lethal Blow Power Stone Lv2Lethal Blow Power Stone Lv3
Lethal Blow Power Stone Lv4Lethal Blow Power Stone Lv5Lethal Speed Cape
Lethal WeaponLethal Weapon BootsLethal Weapon Breastplate
Lethal Weapon GlovesLethal Weapon HatLethal Weapon Trousers
Lethat EmbraceLetter: Blinding Flash of LoveLetter: Burning Gaze of Love
Letter: Caring Embrace of LoveLetter: Devoted LoveLetter: Devoted Love 2
Letter: Devoted Love 3Letter: Devoted Love 4Letter: Fierce Love 1
Letter: Fierce Love 2Letter: Fierce Love 3Letter: Fierce Love 4
Letter: Forbidden Love 1Letter: Forbidden Love 2Letter: Forbidden Love 3
Letter: Forbidden Love 4Letter: Mature Love 1Letter: Mature Love 2
Letter: Mature Love 3Letter: Mature Love 4Letter: Racing Heart
Letter: Selfless Sacrifice of LoveLetter: Soul LinkLetter: Strength of the Heart
Letter: Wandering Love 1Letter: Wandering Love 2Letter: Wandering Love 3
Letter: Wandering Love 4Letter: Wild Love 1Letter: Wild Love 2
Letter: Wild Love 3Letter: Wild Love 4Letter Written by General Bath
Letter Written in Fishman LanguageLetter for EdwardLetter from Bolai
Letter in a bottleLetter of Confession from Maggie's FianceLetter of Recommendation
Letter to EliseLetter to PtolemyLetter to Unknown Recipient
Level-1 Phantom Material BagLevel-2 Phantom Material BagLevel-3 Phantom Material Bag
Level-4 Phantom Material BagLevel-5 Phantom Material BagLevel-6 Phantom Material Bag
Level 11000-dollar Crystal CardLevel 1Beginner Sprite CardLevel 1GF Rare Card
Level 21000-dollar Crystal CardLevel 2Beginner Sprite CardLevel 2GF Rare Card
Level 3 1000-dollar Crystal CardLevel 3 Beginner Sprite CardLevel 3 GF Rare Card
Level 4 1000-dollar Crystal CardLevel 4 Beginner Sprite CardLevel 5 1000-dollar Crystal Card
Level 5 Beginner Sprite CardLevel 6 Beginner Sprite CardLevel 7 Beginner Sprite Card
Liberation CapeLibra StaffLich's Boots
Lich's LeggingsLich's Magic HatLich's Rod
Lichen-Covered StoneLicorice Diaper CandyLife's Heritage Trousers
Life's Organ of HopeLife+ FormulaLife Crystal
Life Defender PotionLife Essence Defender PotionLife Fruit
Life Honor PotionLife Shaver SickleLight's Eye Staff
Light: Rising SunLight Animal FeedLight Armor Boots
Light Army HelmetLight ArtilleryLight Axe Warrior
Light Beer CapLight BreastplateLight Cape
Light Cavalry ArtilleryLight Dragon Scale CapeLight Feed
Light GauntletsLight GloryLight Guardian
Light Guardian's BootsLight Guardian's BreastplateLight Guardian's Gauntlets
Light Guardian's GreavesLight Guardian's HelmetLight Headdress Box
Light HelmetLight LeggingsLight Potion
Light Simple Red CapLight Skills Gift BoxLight Snack
Light TankLight TracerLight Windcharm Melody Boots
Light Windcharm Melody CapLight Windcharm Melody GlovesLight Windcharm Melody Robe
Light Windcharm Melody SlacksLight WingLight Wing Blade
Light of DawnLight of Dusk GlovesLight of Eradication Boots
Light of Eradication HeaddressLight of Eradication Heavy ArmorLight of Eradication Leggings
Light of Eradication VambraceLight of Glory ShieldLight of Grace
Light of Grace BootsLight of Grace CapLight of Grace Gloves
Light of Grace RobeLight of Grace SlacksLighthouse Observation Report
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