Glass Illusion TrousersGlass Illusion VestmentGlass Jelly Rabbit Meat
Glass Magic JadeGlass OrchidGlass Sage Boots
Glass Sage CrownGlass Sage GlovesGlass Sage Leggings
Glass Sage RobeGlass SwordGlass Treasure Chest near Permafrost
Glass WingsGlassflower Angel WingsGlassflower Angel Wings (3-Day)
Glassflower Angel Wings (30-Day)Glassflower Angel Wings (7-Day)Glassy Dragon's Eye
Glazed Swift Dragon EggshellGlazed Swift Dragon HamGlazed Swift Dragon Shoulder
Glazefrost Mountains Treasure MapGleam Sprite MaskGleaming Agility Nucleus
Gleaming Butter KnifeGleaming Butter Knife (3-Day)Gleaming Butter Knife (30-Day)
Gleaming Butter Knife (7-Day)Gleaming Crystal Gift BoxGleaming Dragonskin Tunic
Gleaming Enhancer Nucleus Gift BoxGleaming Formula Gift BoxGleaming Intelligence Nucleus
Gleaming Shell HeaddressGleaming Strength NucleusGleaming Vitality Nucleus
Gleaming Water GlobeGleaming Willpower NucleusGleaming XYLISH Sword
Gleeful Legend Capsule ToyGlimmer Owl Magic StoneGlimmering Plant
Glimmering StardustGlimmering Stardust BootsGlimmering Stardust Cap
Glimmering Stardust GlovesGlimmering Stardust KiltGlimmering Stardust Vestment
Glimpse of ParadiseGlistening Seal PearlGlittering Blue Fish
Glittering Gold BarGlittering Jelly Beast Disguise MaskGlittering Jelly Beast Disguise Voucher
Glittering Magic StonesGlittering Mining BagGlittering Mining Chest
Glittering Yellow FishGlitz and Glamor Mentor PackGloaming Gown
Gloaming Gown (3-Day)Gloaming Gown (30-Day)Gloaming Gown (7-Day)
Gloomy CannonGloomy Unbinding Stone Lv1Gloomy Unbinding Stone Lv2
Gloomy Unbinding Stone Lv3Glorious GeneralGlorious General Set
Glorious Lion Lord SwordGlorious Lion Lord Sword (3-Day)Glorious Lion Lord Sword (30-Day)
Glorious Lion Lord Sword (7-Day)Glorious Navy Capsule ToyGlorious Reincarnation Treasure Chest
Glory's Sky Knight HelmGlory's Sky Knight Helm (3-Day)Glory's Sky Knight Helm (30-Day)
Glory's Sky Knight Helm (7-Day)Glory BootsGlory Destiny Coin
Glory Destiny PackGlory Reminiscent Suit Fortune BagGlory Robe
Glory SlacksGlory Sprite VIP CardGloves of Cataclysms
Gloves of Eternal DeathGloves of Eternal LawGloves of Pardons
Gloves of the ContractGloves of the Holy SealGlow Ring
Glowing Bag of CandyGlowing ChestGlowing Gem
Glowing Hunting OrderGlowing Map Lower FragmentGlowing Map Middle Fragment
Glowing Map Upper FragmentGlowing Memory ShardsGlowing Purple Sword
Glowing Rainbow Magic BootsGlowing SealGlowworm's Wand
Glutton's Food BagGluttony's Final Fate CoreGluttony's Herald Package
Gluttony's Nucleus of InsanityGluttony's Rosary of RepentanceGluttony's Silence Ring
Gluttony's Soul PackageGnarled BarkGoat Hair
Goat SirloinGoblin's Arm BandGoblin's Favorite Food
Goblin's Light AxeGoblin's Purple TrousersGoblin's Saliva
Goblin Battle LunchGoblin BloodGoblin Bracelet
Goblin Chieftain's Medallion StaffGoblin DollGoblin Doll (DO NOT USE)
Goblin Gentleman Disguise MaskGoblin MalletGoblin Mask
Goblin Praetorian Army Magic StoneGoblin Research SampleGoblin Sampler
Goblin Shaman Disguise MaskGoblin Shaman MaskGoblin Soldier Disguise Mask
Goblin Strongman Disguise MaskGoblin SwordGoblin Tourist Disguise Mask
Goblin TrousersGoblin Warrior MaskGod's Censure Power Stone Lv1
God's Censure Power Stone Lv2God's Censure Power Stone Lv3God's Censure Power Stone Lv4
God's Censure Power Stone Lv5God's Rainbow CrownGod's Rainbow Gloves
God's Rainbow Magic BootsGod's Rainbow RobeGod's Rainbow Trousers
God's Word ShieldGod-Slaughterer's BootsGod-Slaughterer's Breastplate
God-Slaughterer's GreavesGod-Slaughterer's HelmetGod-Slaughterer's Vambrace
God Warrior Hero CertificateGod of War Halfmoon BladeGod of War Halfmoon Glaive
God of War Halfmoon Glaive Capsule ToyGod of War Hero's HelmetGoddess's Glass Headdress
Goddess's Glass Headdress (3-Day)Goddess's Glass Headdress (30-Day)Goddess's Glass Headdress (7-Day)
Goddess's Love Reward BagGoddess's Reward BoxGodhunter Bullet
Godly Glory ArmorGodly Glory BootsGodly Glory Greaves
Godly Glory HelmetGodly Glory VambraceGodly King's Death Relic
Gods' Face GlovesGods' Face RobeGods' Power Magic Capsule Toy
GodslayerGold-Lined Blue CheongsamGold-Type Twin Turbine Engine
Gold AdhesiveGold Alternate Dimension CapsuleGold Bar
Gold Candy CaneGold Chest PackageGold Chicken Head
Gold Chicken WingsGold Christmas StockingGold Illusionary Nucleus of Destiny
Gold Key to the Underground TreasuryGold Mecha BeaconGold Membership Card
Gold Mining MapGold Mother's Day Chest 1Gold Mother's Day Chest 2
Gold Mother's Day Chest 3Gold NuggetGold Slot Machine Chest I
Gold Slot Machine Chest IIGold Slot Machine Chest IIIGold Slot Machine Token
Gold Spine HammerGold Teleport CardGold VIP Card
Gold VIP Exclusive SignboardGold VIP Exclusive StandGold VIP Guest Gift Bag
Golden-Striped White Butterfly WingsGolden Anthem Fortune BagGolden Axe
Golden Beast Hunter IIGolden Blood MoonGolden Bone
Golden Boy HaircutGolden Boy Haircut (3-Day)Golden Boy Haircut (30-Day)
Golden Boy Haircut (7-Day)Golden Butterfly WingsGolden Butterfly Wings (3-Day)
Golden Butterfly Wings (30-Day)Golden Butterfly Wings (7-Day)Golden City Permit Book
Golden Coin BiscuitGolden CrownGolden Crystal
Golden Crystal WingsGolden Crystal Wings (3-Day)Golden Crystal Wings (30-Day)
Golden Crystal Wings (7-Day)Golden Dragon's WingGolden Dragon Mantle
Golden DrumstickGolden DumplingGolden Egg Sprite Frying Pan
Golden Egg Sprite Frying Pan (3-Day)Golden Event Pro AwardGolden Faerie Wings
Golden FanGolden Fan (3-Day)Golden Fan (30-Day)
Golden Fan (7-Day)Golden FeatherGolden Feed Mixer
Golden FruitGolden GearGolden Gift Bag
Golden Glass MedallionGolden Glint Mecha ArmorGolden Gravel Crystallization
Golden HoneyGolden Key Capsule ToyGolden King's Crown
Golden Knowledge BalloonGolden Laurel LeafGolden Lightning
Golden Lion Combat MountGolden Lion Combat Mount (3-Day)Golden Lion Combat Mount (30-Day)
Golden Lion Combat Mount (7-Day)Golden Lion Combat Mount (Event Exclusive)Golden MVP Award
Golden Mark ApronGolden Mecha ArmorGolden Milk
Golden Monster Slayer AwardGolden Nebula HammerGolden Nine Tails
Golden Nine Tails (3-Day)Golden Nine Tails (30-Day)Golden Nine Tails (7-Day)
Golden Peacock BackwearGolden Peacock Backwear (3-Day)Golden Peacock Backwear (30-Day)
Golden Peacock Backwear (7-Day)Golden Pork SandwichGolden Pumpkin
Golden Questing Hero AwardGolden Red EnvelopeGolden Reputation Reknown Award
Golden RibsGolden Sabretoothed Cat FurGolden Sandbar Guidebook
Golden Sandbar MapGolden Sandbar Seaside SkewersGolden Sandbar Treasure Map
Golden Seraphim - QuickeningGolden Serpent ChestGolden Sheep
Golden Sheep (Maturity)Golden ShieldGolden Shrimp Tempura Hat
Golden Snake RingGolden Steed Combat MountGolden Steed Combat Mount (3-Day)
Golden Steed Combat Mount (30-Day)Golden Steed Combat Mount (7-Day)Golden Tiny Top Hat
Golden Tiny Top Hat (3-Day)Golden Tiny Top Hat (30-Day)Golden Tiny Top Hat (7-Day)
Golden Tower NecklaceGolden Tree SapGolden Voucher
Golden Whirlwind Sunbird MountGolden Wild TigerGolden Wing
Golden Wing - FlashGolden WingsGolden Wings Formula
GoldwalkerGoo-Covered ChestGood-As-New Jelly Rabbit Doll
Good Boy Scout Capsule ToyGood BranchGood Girl Scout Capsule Toy
Good Grinding Fortune BagGood Person Card No. 4Good Samaritan Reward Bag
Goodie Two-Shoes DressGoodie Two-Shoes Dress (3-Day)Goodie Two-Shoes Dress (30-Day)
Goodie Two-Shoes Dress (7-Day)Goodie Two-Shoes PonytailGoodie Two-Shoes Ponytail (3-Day)
Goodie Two-Shoes Ponytail (30-Day)Goodie Two-Shoes Ponytail (7-Day)Gooey Chocolate
Gore HexGore Hex ArmorGore Hex Boots
Gore Hex GlovesGore Hex HelmetGore Hex Tights
Gorgeous Blonde HairGorgeous Blonde Hair (3-Day)Gorgeous Blonde Hair (30-Day)
Gorgeous Blonde Hair (7-Day)Gorgeous Formal DressGorgeous and Graceful Cheongsam
Gorgeous and Graceful Cheongsam (3-Day)Gorgeous and Graceful Cheongsam (30-Day)Gorgeous and Graceful Cheongsam (7-Day)
Gory AxeGospel BootsGospel Gloves
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