Formula - Smulca's Phantom Rainbow StoneFormula Black Bunny Ear Dress HatFormula Broken Egg Sprite Hat
Formula Broken Egg Sprite SuitFormula Justice Green-Light Military BladeFormula Sage's Fortified Stone Lv1
Formula Sage's Fortified Stone Lv1x10Formula Sage's Fortified Stone Lv2Formula Sage's Fortified Stone Lv2x5
Formula required in JapanForsaken Temple Mission OrderFortification Chance +100%
Fortification CloverFortification Clover No 16Fortification Clover No 17
Fortification Clover No 18Fortification Clover No 19Fortification Clover No 20
Fortification Gem Fame BoxFortification PortalFortification Summoning Gate
Fortified Armor BootsFortified ArrowFortified Arrow - Modded
Fortified BreastplateFortified Explosion Resonance StoneFortified Growth Resonance Stone
Fortified Hawkeye BootsFortified Heavy BattleaxeFortified Invincible Resonance Stone
Fortified LeggingsFortified Magic Explosion Resonance StoneFortified Magic Silver Blade
Fortified Musou Resonance StoneFortified Verdict Resonance StoneFortified Wooden Hammer
Fortitudinous Polar Bear Champion MountFortitudinous Polar Bear Champion Mount (14-Day)Fortitudinous Polar Bear Mount
Fortitudinous Polar Bear Mount (14-Day)Fortress DefenderFortress Knight
Fortress Knight ArmorFortress Knight BootsFortress Knight Helmet
Fortress Knight LeggingsFortress Knight VambraceFortress Mantle
Fortress NecklaceFortress Wall MantleFortuitous Family Bag
Fortune Bag required in JapanFortune Bag required in Japan 2Fortune Card
Fortune VoucherFortune Wishing CharmFossil Close-Up
Foster's NotebookFoster's StaffFoul-Smelling Toxin
Foul Energy CrystalFounding OrderFounding Order Boots
Founding Order CrownFounding Order GlovesFounding Order Robe
Founding Order SlacksFounding Order Sprite SetFountain of Youth Water
Four-Spirit HammerFour-leaf CloverFour Corners of the Earth Boots
Four Corners of the Earth CircletFour Corners of the Earth GauntletsFour Corners of the Earth Robe
Four Corners of the Earth SlacksFour Eyes Capsule ToyFour Eyes Third Prize
Four Seas Lunar RatafiaFour Seas Trade Council Friendship StoneFour Seas Trade Council Repair Hammer
Four Seas TreadstoneFour Seasons BootsFour Seasons Forehead Guard
Four Seasons GardenFour Seasons GlovesFour Seasons Leather Pants
Four Seasons VestmentFourth Love EggFox Brew
Fox Brew (3-Day)Fox CoinFractured Staff
Fragment-filled JarFragmentary Iron DaggerFragmented Energy Crystals
Fragrant Dumpling Reward PackFragrant JerkyFragrant Moon Cake
Fragrant MooncakeFragrant MushroomFragrant Spiced Meat
Fragrant VanillaFragrant eggFrance Cheerleader Costume
France Team Football CostumeFree Reward Capsule ToyFreeland Walker
Freeland Walker BootsFreeland Walker GlovesFreeland Walker Hat
Freeland Walker SlacksFreeland Walker VestmentFreeze Claw
Freezing BiscuitFreezing Bolt Power Stone Lv1Freezing Bolt Power Stone Lv2
Freezing Bolt Power Stone Lv3Freezing Bolt Power Stone Lv4Freezing Bolt Power Stone Lv5
Freezing Burn Power Stone Lv1Freezing Burn Power Stone Lv2Freezing Burn Power Stone Lv3
Freezing Burn Power Stone Lv4Freezing Burn Power Stone Lv5Freezing Cold Bag
Freezing EyeFreezing SnowballFreezing Wind
Freezing Wind Spirit's CrystalFrench-Style Cute Princess HairFrench-Style Cute Princess Hair (3-Day)
French-Style Cute Princess Hair (30-Day)French-Style Cute Princess Hair (7-Day)French-Style Gentle Baron Hair
French-Style Gentle Baron Hair (3-Day)French-Style Gentle Baron Hair (30-Day)French-Style Gentle Baron Hair (7-Day)
Frenzied ArmorFrenzied BlitzstoneFrenzied Fire Serpent
Frenzied Spirit FlameFresh Bath TowelFresh Crab Meat
Fresh EyeballFresh Fish BoneFresh Fish Pancakes
Fresh Grapefruit JuiceFresh HoneyFresh Juice
Fresh Luck PotionFresh MeatFresh Milk Deer Stew
Fresh Off the Boat CardFresh Pork LoinFresh Root
Fresh Spring Retro Capsule ToyFresh Start Lucky BagFresh Sunbird Meat
Fresh Tiger MeatFresh mushroomsFried Drumstick Box Lunch
Fried Lizard FilletFriend of Magic NecklaceFriendly Fruit
Friendly Gold Chest KeyFriendly Silver Chest KeyFriendship's Stone Gift Box
Friendship Gift BoxFriendship Strike NotebookFright Certificate
Frightened Bear CubFrilled Lizard's IntestinesFrilled Lizard's Stomach
Frog BottleFrog HelmetFrog Rug
Frog Rug (DO NOT USE)Frontier Gunman Capsule ToyFrontline Battle Sword
Frost AmberFrost Barrier RingFrost Bear's Tooth
Frost BulletFrost Bullet - ModdedFrost Cape
Frost CarapaceFrost Core Power Stone Lv.1Frost Core Power Stone Lv.2
Frost Core Power Stone Lv.3Frost Core Power Stone Lv.4Frost Core Power Stone Lv.5
Frost Crystal SandFrost Fantasy Unicorn MountFrost Gem
Frost Hunter BootsFrost Jet CannonFrost Princess Wings
Frost Princess Wings (3-Day)Frost Princess Wings (30-Day)Frost Princess Wings (7-Day)
Frost Sage ShoesFrost Spiral BootsFrost Spiral Circlet
Frost Spiral GlovesFrost Spiral TrousersFrost Spiral Vestment
Frost Twin BladesFrost Warrior's GauntletsFrost Warrior's Helmet
Frostbite BootsFrostbite SwordFrosted Fantasy Lance
Frosted Fantasy Lance (3-Day)Frosted Fantasy Lance (30-Day)Frosted Fantasy Lance (7-Day)
Frosted LilyFrosted ToastFrosted War Bear Collar
Frosted WeedFrostfire Pass Treasure MapFrostfire Wings
Frostfire Wings (3-Day)Frostfire Wings (30-Day)Frostfire Wings (7-Day)
Frostfire WolfFrostfire Wolf (3-Day)Frostfire Wolf (30-Day)
Frostfire Wolf (7-Day)Frostheart BootsFrostheart Gauntlets
Frostheart LeggingsFrostleaf from Unfrozen TreeFrostlord's Frenzy
Frostmoon CamelliaFrostmoon ChainFroststar Oath
Froststar Promise Cross SwordFrostwing Defender - Imminent DeathFrostwolf's Barbed Leather
Frostwolf's Steely LeatherFrosty Archmage ShoesFrosty Box
Frosty Prison CloakFrozen-Fanged GemFrozen Arc
Frozen Arc BootsFrozen Arc CircletFrozen Arc Gloves
Frozen Arc RobeFrozen Arc SlacksFrozen Armor Dual Lizard Mount
Frozen BreastplateFrozen Casket KeyFrozen Chaps
Frozen Crystal ChestFrozen Crystal SphereFrozen Fang Gem
Frozen Fur CapFrozen Goat SirloinFrozen Insect Shell
Frozen Lion FangFrozen Long BootsFrozen Magic Crystal
Frozen Rage FlameFrozen Seal StoneFrozen Skull
Frozen VambracesFruit Candy FenceFruit Chicken
Fruit of Old Siwa IslandFruitastic EmblemFruity Chocolate
Fuleyla's Handwritten LetterFull First Aid KitFull Lunch Box
Full Water BucketFullmoon Flower HeaddressFullmoon Flower Headdress (3-Day)
Fullmoon Flower Headdress (30-Day)Fullmoon Flower Headdress (7-Day)Fun and Games
Funeral SubsidyFunereal CapeFunkytown Blazin' Ensemble
Funkytown Blazin' Ensemble (3-Day)Funkytown Blazin' Ensemble (30-Day)Funkytown Blazin' Ensemble (7-Day)
Fur AntennaFurious Anger FruitFury Butterfly Sprite's Dark Scale Powder
Fury Butterfly Sprite's Scarlet Scale PowderFury MasterFury Master Armor
Fury Master BootsFury Master GlovesFury Master Greaves
Fury Master HelmetFury Wisewood's BranchFusion Jewel
Future GuideFuture Guide's BootsFuture Guide's Gloves
Future Guide's HatFuture Guide's LeggingsFuture Guide's Robe
Future Guide Lv2 BagFuture Guide Lv3 BagFuture Guide Lv4 Bag
Fuzzy Potted Plant (DO NOT USE)GBX-989 CoreGFWT 2016 mount - DO NOT USE
GF Bold Academy SuitGF Bold Academy Suit (3-Day)GF Bold Academy Suit (30-Day)
GF Bold Academy Suit (7-Day)GF Festival Capsule ToyGF Festival Fireworks
GF Honey Academy SuitGF Honey Academy Suit (30-Day)GF Honey Academy Suit (7-Day)
GF Lucky Souvenir BagGK Mount Synthesis Test Item PlaceholderGM's Ban Club
GM's Heavenly SwordGM's Noob ShirtGM's Saintly Armor
GM's Saintly GauntletsGM's Saintly GreavesGM's Saintly Mantle
GM's Saintly ShieldGM Doll Costume (Chest)GM Doll Costume (Gloves)
GM Doll Costume (Head)GM Doll Costume (Pants)GM Doll Costume (Shoes)
GM Enchant Stat Change TicketGM Enchant Ticket (Type A)GM Enchant Ticket (Type B)
GM Enchantment Stone (DO NOT USE)GM IconGM Leg Guard
GS IconGabriel's Angelic HaloGabriel's Angelic Halo (3-Day)
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