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May contain: Costume Suit: Dusk Vampire Set, Pumpkin Princess Dress, Nocturnal Dark Nocturnal Knight Sanctified Armor, Lolita Formal Dress Sexy Dancing Queen, Red Flame Pirate, Refined Kimono, Graceful Kimono Elegant Girl's Riding Outfit, Cool System Military Uniform, Dazzling System Military Uniform, Sports Team Football Costume Sports Cheerleader Costume, Smart Violet Male Outfit, Radiant Orange Female Outfit, Dashing Sexy Yuppie Outfit Cute Playful Girl Outfit, Master of Magic Suits, Queen of Tarts, Attractive Bunny Set Cool Bunny Leisure Suit, Sky Walker Suit, Dazzling Starlight Suit, Chic Summer Bikini Honorable Groom's Suit, Sweet Bridal Wedding Gown, Cute Pink Nurse Outfit, Handsome Doctor's Outfit Pretty Red Jacket, Cool Red Jacket, Dependable Boy's Uniform, Energetic Girl's Uniform Cool Summer Day Vitality Swimming Outfit, Cool Summer Day Sweet Swimming Outfit, Azure Demon King Armor, Holy Pink Princess Armor Lively Superman Costume, Lively Superwoman Costume Sprite Costume Outfit: Panda Earmuffs, Superstar Afro, Safety Cone, Eggshell Outfit Kung Fu Outfit, Black Suit, Sprite's Cow Costume, Sprite's Red Pirate's Captain Hat Sprite Chef's Suit, Little Princess Hat, Bat Mask, Eggshell Chick Hat Black Sunglasses, Sprite's Cow Hat Costume Back Accessory: Twin Blades, Heart-Shaped Secret Love Backpack, Magical Sprite Sketchbook, Flame Shuriken White Valentine Bear, Carp Kite, Emerald Wings, Wings of Fantastic Flight Elegant Fan, Colorful Kite, Tricky Pumpkin Ghost, Advanced Shiny Jet Propulsion Wings Rice Dumpling Pack, Book of the Sprites, Melodious Lute, Ruby Wings Costume Headdress: Sleigh Bell Ribbons, Commanding Hat, Absolute Cool Headgear, Baby Princess Hat Princess Bun, Royal Crown, Cute Antenna, Angeri Bird Head Maroon Beret, Halloween Pumpkin Hairpin, Light Simple Red Cap, Protective Goggles Gung Ho Headband Costume Weapon: Giant Candy Cane, Confession Bouquet, Pink Lacy Parasol, Healthy Carrot Sticks Kitty Paw Pad, Pinky Sweetie USB, Muse's Pen, Valentine's Day Wishing Bamboo Dreamy Pink Heart Shield Mount: Noble Panda Mount, Mysterious Panda Chieftain Mount, Frozen Armor Dual Lizard Mount Crystal Clear Jelly Rabbit Mount, Messenger's Fiery Dragon Mount, Messenger's Skyflame Dragon Mount Fortitudinous Polar Bear Mount, Fortitudinous Polar Bear Champion Mount, Noble Golden Pegasus Mount Honey Jelly Rabbit Mount, Fancy Two-Headed Cat Mount, Super Robot Fox Mount My Little Horsey Mount, Cherry Blossom Jelly Rabbit Mount, Holy War Elephant Fire Mane Mount The above items are all permanent versions Essence First-Aid Potion, Essence Magic Potion, Fortification Clover, Alchemy Clover High Energy Protein Snack

There's also a chance to receive one of the following word collection items: 

I, Love, X, Legend, Sprite Donut The above items cannot be traded.

"Have fun celebrating the 10th Anniversary!"

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