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Inside there is a set of equipments for Archmages for Leveling. The blue-quality equipments will Level up as the wearer's Level increases (from Lv 61 to 75). Items: (1) Archmage's Essence Circlet (2) Archmage's Essence Robe (3) Archmage's Essence Slacks (4) Archmage's Essence Gloves (5) Archmage's Essence Boots Note: The gear is not tradable once opened. Required Lv 61.

The wearer will have an additional bonus if wearing a certain amount of the set equipments 3-piece Bonus: Item Drop Rate +15% 4-piece Bonus: Exp from killing a mob +25% 5-piece Bonus: Movement speed +20% Classes: Wizard, Archmage

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