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Contains one set of Archer-only Legacy Armor. The blue abilities will increase as the wearer's level increases, but only up to Level 30. Contents: (1)Archer's Soul Circlet (2)Archer's Soul Trousers (3)Archer's Soul Chaps (4)Archer's Soul Bracers (5)Archer's Soul Longboots Note: The gear is not tradable once opened. Note: All items are for event use only and cannot be archived.

A set number of pieces must be worn to gain additional effects. 3 Piece Set Bonus: Item Drop Rate increases +15% 4 Piece Set Bonus: Combat EXP increases +25% 5 Piece Set Bonus: Movement Speed increases +20% Class Requirements: Hunter, Archer, Ranger, Sharpshooter, Hawkeye, Assassin, Darkstalker, Windshadow.

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