Finished Product: Taro - Emperor's Mastery

Effect: DEF +484 M-DEF +345 STR +34 VIT +21 WIL +17 3-Piece Set Bonus: VIT +60, Physical Critical Attack Rate +10% Physical Critical Damage +15% 4-piece Set Bonus: 15% chance of causing triple damage when attacking Gain "Light of Royal Family" effect when attacking Light of Royal Family: Physical Critical Attack +3% for 6 seconds This effect can stack up to 5 times at most 5-Piece Set Bonus: AGI +35, STR +40 15% chance of triggering the equipment ability "Prestige of Royal Family" when attacking Prestige of Royal Family: Melee Hit +50%, Standard Attack adding 4000 points of Holy Damage The effect lasts for 6 seconds

Required Ingredients: Taro King - Emperor's Hoof x5 Taro Metal x25

Can be synthesized by alchemists in various locations

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