Finished Product: Taro - Death's Serpent Tail

Effect: DEF +802 M-DEF +762 STR +35 VIT +47 AGI +62 3-Piece Set Bonus: VIT +70, Movement Speed +12% DEF +20% 4-Piece Set Bonus: Malice +20% May trigger the equipment ability "Death Code" when attacked Death Code: Damage Taken -1% for 10 seconds This effect can stack up to 15 times at most. 5-Piece Set Bonus: WIL +55, Received Critical Attack Rate -15% 8% chance of triggering the equipment ability "Sickle of Death" when attacking Sickle of Death: Malice +2000 points when attacking +1500 Dark Damage for 7 seconds when standard attacking

Required Ingredients: Ingredient: Taro King - Death's Beak x5 Taro Metal x25

Can be synthesized by alchemists in various locations

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