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You have a chance to win character specialized back accessories: Magical Sprite Sketchbook: A magical book that depicts the lives Sprites, painstakingly rendered in crayon sketches. Koala Baby: Carry a cute koala baby on your back Flaming Cross-Pattern Darts: A weapon that Ninjas must always have Beautiful Red Bookbag: Cute Red Elementary Student Bookbag Love Bear: Hug the adorable Love Bear Super Magic Rune Book: Permanent Ancient Magic Book Heart-Shaped Secret Love Backpack: Heart-Shaped Backpack for Secret Love White Angel Wings: Pure and flawless white wings Phoenix Butterfly Wings: Butterfly wings that shine like the dawn. All of the above are available in permanent or Timed Versions In addition, you can also win all types of potions and medicines and Magic Alchemy Clay

"Great collector, you can collect all the accessories worn on the back here!" !"