Randomly gives the following items: Classic Character Costumes: Sweetheart's Syringe, God of War Halfmoon Glaive Crazy Crimson Chainsaw, Abyssal Blade Fiery Dragon Silver Lance, Nostalgia Windmill Staff Wyvern Cuspid, Sinful Chocolate Bar Decadent Chocolate Shield, Sanctified Sprite Staff Sanguine Sickle, Transcendent Chocolate Sundae Atomic Light Saber, Mom's Lunchbox Shield Fancy Firework Candy, Musou Sprite Fan Wave Breaker Oar, Lion's Frolic Buckler Designer Briefcase, Elegant Handbag Broken Sword: Lovelorn Rose, Laser Knight Lance Seeing Eye Claymore, Special Wine Barrel Mallet Beam Shield, Pumpkin Crush Chainsaw Dark Rune Sword, Ray Sickle Ice Sword, Phoenix Rebirth Shield Blazing Phoenix Staff, Toothy Evil Rabbit Shield Luck and Happiness Spoon, Blessed Doomward Lotus Leaf Fan Love Cotton Candy, Unyielding Moon Cake Festival Memories, Tasty Fried Prawn Refreshing Sprite Bottle, Slaughter Red-light Military Blade Double Slaughter Red-light Military Blades, Delightful Oar Moonlight Sword, Trial Purple-light Military Blade Justice Green-light Military Blade, Blue Blaze Moonlight Sword Muse's Pen, Valentine's Day Wishing Bamboo Fish-bone Shield, Kitty Claw Padded Bat Summer Watermelon Popsicle, Golden Fan The above items are all permanent versions. Ruby Craftsman's Chisel, Blacksmith's Maintenance Hammer Gaia's Blessing Lv4, Fortification Clover Alchemy Clover, Bank Key Sprite Donuts, Magic Lolipop High Energy Protein Snack, Sprite Item Lock

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